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2/17/2015 Newsletter and Homework
Tuesday, February 17, 2015 8:55 AM

Dear Families,

Thanks for your support with our candy-free valentine’s day!

We sat in a circle, opened our cards one by one, read them, and thanked the giver.  It was sweet to see.  Thanks to Sam Jones’ family for the delicious strawberries, and to Zoe Sumner’s  family for the shiny red apples.  We had plenty of treats, all day long.  

New Baby News

My new grandson was born on Tuesday, and Odeyah’s new sister was born on Wednesday!  Welcome to the world, Gordon and Eva!

This Week

We will be reading stories and looking at art from Africa!  We will also write the “who am I” poems that we didn’t get to last week.  

The Quiltmaker’s Gift

On Tuesday March 23, we will premier our play, The Quiltmaker’s Gift.  This is a change of date- the commons wasn’t available on the original date.  This is the Tuesday before Spring break.



Marshview Campsite at Baker Park has been reserved for May 14 and 15!  Mark your calendars!  Dawn’s and Kristin’s classes will be spending 1 night and 2 days enjoying the outdoors together. Save the dates, and think about how you would like to volunteer.  We will need cooks, shoppers, activity leaders and tent expertise.  


I enjoyed having the chance to chat with so many families last week at conferences- there are only a few to go.  


Dawn and I are taking a class about teaching vocabulary.  A strange fact of modern life is that kids don’t hear as much conversation as they used to.  So talk with your kids!  Talk about the words in they might not understand.  It takes 14 exposures before children “own” a word!  


We are on our second pencil sharpener for the year.  Thanks to Tobi’s family for providing it!  Kristin

Spelling Words

























Homework Ideas


*Read a just right book


*Find Africa on a map or globe


*List the countries in Africa


*Find an Anansi story on the internet or in the library


*Eat at a restaurant that serves food from an African country,


*Make a recipe from an African country


*Practice addition and subtraction facts with a deck of cards.


*Use to practice your spelling words.


*Do your own thing!

Reading Log


1st try

2nd try

3rd try

4th try












Place Value Compare/War


2-4 players


Remove all face cards.


Each player is dealt the same amount of cards until there are no extra cards left.


At the same time, each player turns over 2 cards. Each player creates a two digit number with their cards. For example, if a player turns over a three and an eight, they may make 38 or 83. If the card is a ten, the number will go into the hundreds. The goal is to have the largest number in each round. The person with the highest number takes all cards.


The game ends when all cards are played.



-Play lowest number wins.

-Each player must say their number before the winner is determined.

-Play with three digits going into the hundreds.