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8th Grade Yearbook Announcements - DUE Friday, March 15!
Monday, March 11, 2019 12:10 PM

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Hello 8th Grade Families!

8th grade yearbook graduation congratulation announcements are here! (Formerly known as 8th grade ads). All Uppers Teachers received announcement forms on February 8 for distribution to 8th grade students. 

There will be no cost for the announcements. And the goal is, all 8th graders will have a yearbook announcement. We have new options based on the yearbook we are using this year. This yearbook is through MPS, so the ads will be designed and placed differently. Use the attached form to create the announcement for your 8th grader. 

Here is how the ad placement and submission will work: (FORM IS ATTACHED BELOW

1. Please decide if you will submit your announcement via email or the attached form. If you are submitting via email, use the attached form as a guide. (Clarify Layout option, font, photos, message). 

2. Submit photos via email or printed. Emailed photos must be jpeg and student first and last name should be included. Email photos to Printed photos can also be submitted with the attached form. Please make sure first/last name are written on back of photos. 

3. Submit the written message you would like added. The message can be up to 360 typed characters. (70-80 words in 14 point font) If your message is shorter we can make the font size bigger! Messages can be submitted on this form or via email with your photos. I will design the add and send to you via email for final proofing. Messages can be written in any language. If you are submitting your announcement, via attached form, please return to homeroom teachers or put in my mailbox at Barton. All announcements are due Friday, March 15. Thank you for placing an 8th grade announcement!

Any questions?


Elizabeth Christensen-Barton Open Programs Coordinator