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Rebecca Till -- Room 216

Welcome to Room 216. I am glad you are here. I am excited to be part of a school that allows children to learn and grow in a supportive and nurturing environment. We encourage development of both knowledge and self confidence, and I will use a variety of teaching techniques that encourage learning in different ways.

216 News ~ 4/7/17

Happy Spring Break everyone!
I hope you have all been enjoying your week! It sounds like we are going to have a beautiful weekend before rain moves in, so........ what a great time to sell plants! Our classroom total is $1,000. We still have $3,500 to go, which is worrisome. Wednesday is the last day to turn in orders. Please remember that donations can take the place of plant sales and count as double since they are pure profit. For example. a $100 donation would count as a $200 plant sale. Let's really push these last few days and come through for our school. Thank you!!
We are beginning a new round of lit. circles on Monday. Each reading group chose new books before Spring Break. During this round, we will be focusing on character traits, figurative language, parts of speech and vocabulary. I  would love to have a parent volunteer for each day of the week. Angela comes on Mondays. Let me know if you are able to volunteer.
Persuasive essays are in progress. Before break, students began typing their introductory paragraphs. We will continue working on these for the next few weeks.
MCA math tests will be given starting May 1st. We have the next three week to complete our current units and review strategies and math vocabulary. Both third and fourth graders are currently learning about fractions, mainly through use of The Rational Numbers Project developed at the University of Minnesota. Fourth graders are beginning to learn decimal equivalents.
We finished our amaryllis projects before break. Students were able to observe the growth of the plant and flowers from the bulb and learn about pollination and reproduction of the plant. Several students were able to grow seed pods by pollinating their flowers. They also practiced observational drawing during this unit. In conjunction with the amaryllis unit, students also learned about different seeds, their parts,  and germination. Bean plants are growing, both hydroponically and in soil, in the classroom.
Have a great weekend,
Rebecca and Hannah

First Assignment of the Year. Due Tuesday, September 6

Your writer's notebook is going to be your most important writing tool this year, and you'll be using it almost every day.  Often writers decorate their notebooks to make them uniquely theirs.  Because what's inside your notebook will be different from what's inside anyone else's, you'll want to make the outside of your notebook different than anyone else's as well.  You'll want to make it a writer's notebook that reflects who you are and what's important to you.

Your homework assignment is to collect materials you'd like to put on the cover of your writer's notebook so that it reflects who you are.  You might find special photos, quotes, words, or drawings.  Bring these to school on Tuesday and we'll save some time to decorate our notebooks.  This is a "no stress" assignment.  Be creative and have fun!