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Rebecca Till -- Room 216

Welcome to Room 216. I am glad you are here. I am excited to be part of a school that allows children to learn and grow in a supportive and nurturing environment. We encourage development of both knowledge and self confidence, and I will use a variety of teaching techniques that encourage learning in different ways.

216 News ~ 3/7/17

Dear Parents,

Here is an update on our classroom!

Math: Both the third and fourth graders just finished up their geometry units. The third grade unit focused on geometric shapes and accurate measurements using inches and centimeters.  They spent a lot of time building different triangles and quadrilaterals with right, acute or obtuse angles. They also learned about perimeter. The fourth graders' unit was all geometry!  Fourth graders  learned about geometric shapes including different triangles and quadrilaterals. Fourth graders also learned about area and congruency with translations, rotations and reflections.We shifted into fractions today with a whole class introduction to fractions. From there, fourth graders worked on fractions of different shapes whereas the third graders focused on fractions of a circle.

Science: We are still observing our Amaryllis plants as they grow! This is our 7th week of observing, measuring and recording the height of our plants! Most students have had the opportunity to watch their plant blossom at least one time! There are still a few students waiting to see their flowers! We also began a new unit on seeds today. We started by observing the properties of a Snap Pea and locating the seeds. As we continue we will dissect different fruits to learn more about the purpose and function of seeds!

Writers Workshop: Last week we started a new unit on persuasive essays! We discussed topics that people could have opposing opinions about. Students brainstormed several ideas they could write about and wrote reasons to support their opinions. We will go through the entire writing process with these pieces!

Literature Circles: We have spent the last few weeks reading our Social Studies Weekly Reader Newspapers in small groups. Some of the topics we have read about include: the earth's population and it's change over time, our rights and responsibilities of citizens, how people communicated in ancient times, how and why people traveled in ancient times, different forms of governments, and the age of discovery. Each day we answer comprehension questions and locate and highlight the answers  in our newspapers. Basing answers off of textual evidence is great preparation for the MCA reading test which Will be given on March 21st and 22nd.

FYI: Plant sales enveloped and post cards were sent home today. Our classroom goal is $4,500. This is the most important fundraiser of our school year. Please do what you can to help sell green plants!
        We are still trying to coordinate a date with the Blaisdell YMCA when we can make up the swimming day we missed last session. We will let you know as soon as it is scheduled.

Have a great week!

First Assignment of the Year. Due Tuesday, September 6

Your writer's notebook is going to be your most important writing tool this year, and you'll be using it almost every day.  Often writers decorate their notebooks to make them uniquely theirs.  Because what's inside your notebook will be different from what's inside anyone else's, you'll want to make the outside of your notebook different than anyone else's as well.  You'll want to make it a writer's notebook that reflects who you are and what's important to you.

Your homework assignment is to collect materials you'd like to put on the cover of your writer's notebook so that it reflects who you are.  You might find special photos, quotes, words, or drawings.  Bring these to school on Tuesday and we'll save some time to decorate our notebooks.  This is a "no stress" assignment.  Be creative and have fun!