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Barton Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in volunteering at Barton?  Contact the coordinators for each of the programs listed below for some of the many special events and activities at Barton.  Volunteers are essental in fostering a community of active learners.  Whether you have 30 minutes or 30 hours, Barton needs parent volunteers!  AND, there are many opportunities to get involved after working hours, at home, and on the weekends.  You are needed! You are appreciated!  

We know families are busy, we know parents are busy,

But WHAT IF at minimum every family gave 2 hours of their time per year?

If you have specific questions or volunteer concerns, please contact Nasra Hassan (

You can find the official Volunteer application form on the forms page.

Volunteers that are spending money on behalf of the Barton School Foundation may be reimbursed for approved expenses.  Please use the Foundation Tax ID Number and do not  pay sales tax on reimbursable expenses.  See the Foundation Check Request page for details. 

Back to School Picnic (August)

Barton families meet at Beards Plaisance  for a potluck style picnic.  Tables are set up by classrooms so parents and students can sit with other families with students in the same class.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Set-up (4 volunteers)
  • Ice for Lemonade and Water (1-2 volunteers)-Bring ice in own cooler (6 sm bags)
  • Floaters during Picnic (2-3 volunteers)-Keep food area neat. Refill water coolers as needed
  • Clean-up (5-6 volunteers) Time 7-7:30 pm

Picnic Coordinators:

Student Directory (Aug.-Oct.)

The Barton Directory is our white pages of students and staff. Distributed to all Barton households in the fall of each year, it contains staff listings with email and phone contact information, and student listings with contact information grouped by families. While the directory is an opt-in choice for Barton families, we generally have over 90% participation. You'll want to have your family listed to facilitate arranging those play dates!

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Contact Families who have Not Turned in Directory Permission Forms by Phone.
  • Clarify Misprints and Unclear Information via Phone Calls
  • Proofreading Directory before Publishing
  • Directory Cover Design
  • (Most of these responsibilities can be done at home.)
  • Delivering Forms to Classrooms and Picking up Forms from Teachers
  • Delivering Directory to Classrooms

Student Directory Coordinator:

Student Picture Day (September/October)

Students get individual photos taken for yearbook usage.  Photos are available for purchase.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Help Students Wait in Line
  • Turn in Money and Order Forms
  • Walking Students to and from Photo Location
  • Help on Picture Re-take Day 
Kindergarten Family Dinner (October)

Were the Wiggles hot the last time you volunteered for something with 'kindergarten' in the title?  Rediscover that lost youth!  Welcome the newest members of the Barton Community at the Kindergarten Family Dinner in the Barton Gym and DeLapp Commons.

This Event takes a lot of hands, so please consider helping out!  

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Set Up (4 Volunteers) 3-4:15
  • Registration (6 Volunteers) 5-6:15
  • Food Serving (6 Volunteers) 4:45-6
  • Activities (6 Volunteers) 5:30-6:30
  • Clean Up (10 Volunteers) 7-8 p
Kindergarten Family Dinner Coordinators:
Wild Rumpus Book Fair (November)

Wild Rumpus opens up their unique store from noon-8:00 to Barton families to purchase books, mingle, and have refreshments.  Families also have an opportunity to purchase books of teacher wish lists for classroom use.  Wild Rumpus donates a 10% of sales back to the Barton Fund. 

Volunteer Job Description:

  • 1-2 Hour Shifts
  • Help Shoppers Find Books
  • Helping Shoppers Find Teacher Book Wish Lists
  • Serving Refreshments

Book Fair Coordinators: 

Art Adventures (October-January)

The Art Adventure program introduces K-6 students to works of art from a variety of cultures.  Trained school volunteers visit classrooms with posters of art relating to a common theme, such as animals, celebrations, or relationships.

Do you enjoy art? Would you like to learn more about art pieces?  Does passing on the joy of art appreciation to children interest you?  If so, please consider volunteering for this fall’s Art Adventure program. You need not have a background in art, as you will be well trained and well-supported.  You’ll attend a 2 ½ hour training session at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts in October.

Volunteer Job Description: (20-30 Volunteers Needed)

  • Visit the Classroom 1-2 times and Present Works of Art to the Kids in November (10-15 minutes per art work). 
  • Work with the Teacher to Design and Lead  an Activity for the Kids to Do
  • Attend the class field trip to the MIA in December or January. (optional)

Art Adventure Coordinator:

Barton School Tours (November-January)

Parent led tours for interested/ potential new parents to learn about Barton Open School before School Choice Cards are due in late January/early February.

Volunteers Job Description:

  • Guide groups of potential new parents for 1 hour tours 1-2 mornings a week November-January.  Short training and information given to tour guides.

Tour Coordinator:

  • Jerri Wagner
Barton FUNdraisers (January-December)

Barton FUNdraisers-are gatherings Barton parents host in their homes and elsewhere. Tickets are sold and all the proceeds from the tickets raise money for Barton Open School as part of the Barton Fund. Barton FUNdraisers are a great way to raise money for our school, meet other Barton parents and families, and have some fun! 

Ticket purchasing begins in February of every year.  Events/gatherings run March through December/January.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Host FUNdraiser Gatherings

FUNdraiser Coordinators:

Family Roller Skating (February/March/April)

A Barton Favorite!  Private Rollerskating Party for Barton Families.  

A portion of the ticket sales is donated to the Barton Fund.

Family Rollerskating Coordinator: 

Plant Sale (March/April/May)

For over 20 years, Barton Open School has raised significant funds through selling plants-Barton Plant Sale.  This is Barton’s biggest and most important fundraiser!  It provides a large portion of the Barton Fund’s operating budget.  Dollars raised from the plant sale provide students educational opportunities imperative to Open Education. 

High quality, well-grown plants (perennials, annuals, vegetables, succulents, etc.) from Otten Brothers Nursery are selected for selling.  Barton Alum and Barton neighbors come back year after year to purchase their garden plants and support Barton Open School.

This is a great way to meet other Barton families and get involved at the school!

We are in the planning process for the 2015 Plant Sale and are looking to beef up the the committee. Let's keep Felicity's passion alive by making the 2015 Plant Sale the best ever!  Email us at if you're interested.  Many hands lighten the load!

Volunteer Job Description:  

  • Pick Up Day Volunteers (30+ Volunteers) 1.5 Hour shifts on Friday afternoon and Saturday at Pick Up Days to help people check out and gather their ordered plants, water plants, sell plants, set up, tear down, moving plants inside. 
  • Online Order Volunteers  (1-2 Volunteers) Assist Online Order Coordinator with Barton Plant Sale website and on-line orders.  Can be done at home.
  • Paper Order Form Volunteers (4-5 Volunteers) Help tabulate orders and count money.

Plant Sale Coordinators:

Used Book Sale (March/April)

Barton families and students donate books to be sold at Barton. All proceeds raised are donated to a charity/cause chosen by Barton students.  Barton students manage the sale, giving students an opportunity to work with money, organize tables of books, and learn about customer service.

Volunteer Job Description: (20 Volunteers)  

  • 1-2 hour shifts 
  • Help Students Manage Money
  • Organize Books
  • Deposit Money to Becky in the Barton Office

Used Book Sale Coordinator:

Kindergarten Round-Up (May)

The Kindergarten Roundup is an introductory meeting for incoming kindergartners and their parents to be introduced to the school, Principal and the Kindergarten teachers. The students get a chance to spend 15-20 minutes in a classroom with a teacher while their parents receive information about the school and procedures.

Volunteer Job Description: (6 Volunteers)

  • Registration
  • Greeters
  • Refreshment Servers

Kindergarten Round Up Coordinator:

Student Author Night (March/April)

A Long Standing Barton Tradition!!!

You may be familiar with Goodnight Moon, In the Night Kitchen, or A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but if you have not heard about Barton’s Student Author Night (SAN), you are missing out on another classic!  Every spring at Student Author Night, Barton offers its students an opportunity to read from their own writing (academic, creative, accompanied by drawings, etc.) in a uniquely supportive and collaborative environment.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Set Up (4 Volunteers)
  • Greeters (2 Volunteers)  Greeters stand at the front door, telling people where to go when they come in the door (some might not remember assigned rooms, some grandparents may not have been to the school before, etc.) I will get you the information you need before the event and you would need to come a little early.
  • Facilitators (10-12 Volunteers) Facilitate the order of readers and conversation about the work during the actual event --we have a handout for this and many of you have done this before. This might also include restoring the room, moving chairs back. (my plan is to have a picture of the room available so you know how to rearrange it)
  • Take Down (4 Volunteers)
  • Publisher (1-2 Volunteers) Create and compile a book of all the participants’s work.  Distribute to each student author.

Student Author Night Coordinator: 

Lake Day (June)

Another event rich in Barton history.  Barton Students 1-8 celebrate the end of the school year at Lake Harriet.  Students participate and view an awards show at the Bandshell, Barton band and choir perform, eat a picnic lunch with their class, and then enjoy various parent run activities throughout the park.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Transporters   (2 Volunteers)    Transport supplies, equipment and lunches to Lake Harriet Bandshell area in your own car in the morning before students arrive.
  • Walking Chaperones  (Multiple Volunteers)    Walk with classes to Lake Harriet to ensure safe student arrival. 
  • Game and Activity Chaperones  (20-30 Volunteers)  Organize and facilitate games and activities that small groups of children rotate through.  (Ex: karaoke, face painting, marbles, playground supervision, etc.)
  • Clean Up  (5 Volunteers)

Lake Day Coordinator:

Eighth Grade Graduation Ceremony (June)

Barton 8th graders celebrate their hard work and long tenure at Barton with a graduation ceremony, reception, and roller skating party.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Set Up/Tear Down  (5 Volunteers)  Barton 7th grade parents set up and tear down graduation ceremony in DeLapp Commons
  • Servers  (2-3 Volunteers)  Barton 7th Grade parens serve refreshments during the party.
  • *Ceremony Planning is Typically Done by 8th Grade Parents*
  • Food (1 Volunteer)  Purchase cookies and beverages for the after-cereomy party.  Costs are reimbursed.
  • Decorations (1 Volunteer)  Purchase streamers, balloons, napkins, cups, and help with set-up.
  • Invitations  (1 Volunteer)  Design, copy, order, and send graduation invitations.
  • Programs (1 Volunteer)  Design and enter student names into program with the high school attending per student, Program Template Available.
  • Graduation Certificates (1 Volunteer)  Write names in graduation certificates with computer font or fancy penmanship.
  • Slide Show (1 Volunteer) Create a photo slide show for viewing at ceremony.

Graduation Ceremony Coordinator: 

Barton Bugle Newsletter (weekly)


Barton Foundation

The Barton Open Foundation is a 501 3 C nonprofit corporation.  The purpose of the Foundation is to provide financial support for the mission of Barton Open School.

Board of Directors (2016-17)

See the Barton Foundation web site for more information (

Barton Fund

The Barton Fund is the money raised through fundraising and donations.  Barton Fund is managed and overseen by the Barton Foundation 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.  

Volunteers Job Description:

  • Phone Calling Past Donors
  • Generate Annual Mailing to Promote Donations

Barton Fund Coordinators:

Crossing Guard

Adult volunteers are needed for crossing guard duty at the very busy corners of 43rd & Lyndale and 43rd & Bryant.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • We’re looking for coverage for two short shifts: 7:10- 7:25 AM and 1:45-2:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  

Crossing Guard Coordinator:

Do you have what it takes to wear the vest?

Main Office / Health Office

Barton’s office staff will welcome your assistance with the day-to-day activities.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Photocopying, Filing, and Answering Phones.
  • OR please join our pool of volunteers that can be called upon as the needs arise for special projects, schedule shifts, or staff illnesses.

If you can spare an hour or two a week occasionally, please contact Becky Patton (

Media Center

The Media Center staff can use your assistance with some everyday tasks.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Checking in and Re-shelving Books 
  • Help with Established and Ongoing Fund Raising Programs where Labels and BoxTops need to be Sorted and Counted Prior to Redemption

If you can lend a hand please contact Angie Endo ( or Sara Stenzel (

Organics Recycling-ROT (Reduce Our Trash)

Are you the recycling fanatic in your family? We need you to pass on your passion for rooting through rubbish.  With a student helper, you’ll oversee kids separating lunch waste at a new Organics Recycling station. If they miss-sort, you get to use a Garbage Grabber. FUN! 

Volunteer Job Description:

  • With a Student Helper, You’ll Oversee Kids Separating Lunch Waste at a new Organics Recycling Station.  Garbage Grabbers Available!
  • Volunteer Once a Week for one 30-minute Lunch Shift. (Or Choose Two Back-to-Back Shifts, and Stay for an Hour.)

The following shifts are needed Monday through Friday:
10:20 - 10:50
10:35 - 11:05
11:05 - 11:35
11:30 - 12:00
11:45 - 12:15

ROT Coordinator:

This programs is looking for a new coordinator.  Please contact if interested.  


Recess is an important part of every Barton student’s school day. Staff members assigned to recess monitor duty work to insure that it is a safe and comfortable experience for all students.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Helping Staff Recess Monitors to Offer Another Set of Eyes, Another Kind Voice, and Another Reassuring Adult Presence an Hour or Two a Week

Please contact Rose Shetka at

Spirit Garden

The Barton Spirit Garden is to enhance the well-being and health and educational experience of all Barton students, families, and the community at large.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Contribute Garden Ideas
  • Help Decorate the Garden with Art
  • Prepare Garden for Planting Season and Winter
  • Help to Harvest Garden Produce (Adopt Garden for a Week in the Summer)
  • Donate Tools and Materials

Spirit Garden Coordinators:


Students can purchase a school yearbook that documents the school year at Barton.  Many, many beautiful photos documenting the unique experiences Barton students receive are needed to make this always amazing yearbook extraordinary.

Volunteer Job Description:

  • Numerous Parent Volunteers Needed to Photograph Field Trips, Activities, Sports, Classrooms, Morning Meetings, Performances, etc.

Yearbook Coordinator:

Web Site

Parent volunteers work with teachers and staff to expand and enrich the Barton web site.  All you need is access to the Internet and a desire to contribute to your child's school.  NO EXPERIENCE is necessary.  Contact Sara Stenzel (