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A Rockstar Wild Rumpus Book Fair This Year
Tuesday, November 20, 2018 1:40 PM

Wild Rumpus Banner
Wild Rumpus Strings

Thank you, Barton!! The numbers are in, and it was a wild rumpus indeed! The teachers’ and specialists’ baskets were shopped, the animals chased, the music and readings entertained us, and the cookies disappeared faster than they could be refilled.

Due to all the support throughout the Barton community – from those who helped create and promote the event, to the stellar volunteers at the fair, to those who shopped in the store, on the phone and online – Barton had the most successful book fair on record!

  • On the day of our fair, you purchased a whopping 354 books out of our wishlist baskets to donate to teachers’ and specialists’ classrooms!
  • You helped Barton earn $2,769 in store credit from the day’s sales – this will turn into a lot more books showing up on classroom shelves! A huge thank-you to Wild Rumpus for donating a percentage of its sales from the day and to all who shopped!
  • New record!! All together, adding up the books and gift cards you donated, plus the books that will be purchased with the store credit we earned, this year you put more than $7,400 worth of books directly into the hands of students at Barton! (Last year was Barton’s all-time high of $7,000 worth of books.) 

Parent coordinators Fiona Pradhan, Travina Leaks, Sheila Eldred, Sarah Kuzel Leslie, and Marcy Zerwes are incredibly grateful to everyone who helped make this such a success:

First, our event volunteers, who helped guide people through the book baskets and served lemonade and every cookie down to the last crumb. You made the fair run smoothly and seamlessly! Ali Naughton, Anna Levine, Anne Sateren,, Brigid Austin, Erin Riley-Strong, Jason O'Keane, Jason Paschall, Jerri Clark Wagner, Julia Raymond, Kate Rush, Libby Jensen, Lucy Jones, Megan Tomlinson, Stephanie Malcy, and Tamica Tody.

Our student string quartet musicians, who performed so beautifully and with such joy. They dedicated their afternoon to bring a festive atmosphere to the event! Emmett Cooper, Wes Sumner, Zoe Sumner, Zoe Wagner, and accordian acompaniest Barton parent Greg Chastain.

Barton graduate Daisy Forester, now a 10th-grader at Southwest High School, who brought her guitar and sang her own compositions. We are grateful Daisy still considers herself a Barton-ite! Huge thanks to uppers teacher and Daisy’s mom, Ali Rubin, for all your behind-the-scenes help.

Uppers teacher Flory Sommers and her creative writing students, who entertained Barton’s shoppers in the evening, performing their poetry and bringing writing to life. You were courageous and inspiring! We are glad this has become an annual component of the book fair.

And of course, we thank the amazing staff at the Wild Rumpus Bookstore, who always go above and beyond to make our school’s book fair wonderful. Go visit the store at 2720 West 43rd Street (in the Linden Hills neighborhood), and let them know Barton appreciates them!

A truly enormous number of people helped in the months prior to the event, leading to Barton’s stellar participation at the book fair:

Literacy interventionist Lisa Lange, who guided her students to make wonderful paper monsters inspired by the book Where The Wild Things Are and turned the bulletin board in the school’s main hallway into a veritable Wild Rumpus to promote the book fair.

Uppers teachers Allison Rubin Forester and Amber Damm, who worked to keep uppers families informed and engaged for the book fair.

The teachers who contributed to our Bugle articles! Sarah Hippert, who brainstormed with her classroom of 3rd and 4th graders to create a Top 10 list. Kristin Sonquist (kindergarten), Brittany Bayuk (grades 3/4), Kirsten Hunt (grade 6), Tracey Schultz (grades 7/8), Becky Glass (math specialist), who each gave us their pearls of wisdom about why the book fair is so important.

Barton family liaison Nasra Hassan, who helped publicize the event to Somali parents.

Becky Patton, Nasra and Tricia Silpala in the office, who helped with Bugle articles, and flyers, and PA announcements, and robo calls, and the email blast, and … the list goes on.

The students who did the PA announcements: Destiny and Jayda Leaks, Zoe Sumner, Theo Scavotto, Andrew Pryce, Ben Tripp, Claire Adleman.

The students who helped with posters and flyers: Annika Nelson, Bridget Myers, Claire Adleman, Cora Faber, Destiny Leaks, Jayda Leaks, Ona Balfour, and Zoe Sumner, the 1st and 2nd graders in Jane’s room, the 3rd and 4th graders in Brittany’s room, and the 5th graders in Carrie’s and Katrina’s rooms.

Principal Diane Bagley and Assistant Principal Maria Rollinger, for their passionate support of Barton’s book fair from beginning to end.

As you can see, this truly is a Barton community event! If you have any questions or would like to help next year, please contact parent coordinators Travina Leaks,, or Sheila Eldred,


Wild Rumpus