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Amber Damm -- Room 18
Pacific Coast at Olympic National Park in WA

I grew up on a small plot of land nestled between woods and cornfields where Wisconsin and Illinois meet, but the city beckoned and off I went to Minneapolis.  Having lived in Minneapolis for twenty years now, I consider it home.  I have taught in the Minneapolis Public Schools for fifteen years, one in north Minneapolis at Henry High School and the last fourteen at  Barton Open.  Here I’ve fallen in love with progressive education and the power that comes with authentic community and socialized intelligence. I am passionate about the classes I have created and teach: a two-year language arts course focused on issues of racial and economic injustice, Holocaust Studies, Film Studies, and Great

Discussing A Raisin in the Sun

Life outside of my Barton family is joyful with my sweet and smily son, Ezra (19 months), spirited and active Ava (3 years old)  my dashing, bike riding husband Jeff, and my kind, book-loving nineteen year old step-daughter, Mahalia, whose thriving in college in Michigan. 

Being lifelong residents of the Midwest, my husband and I delight in opportunities to venture west to the mountains and ocean.  In the summers we like to traipse through the backcountry on the Olympic Peninsula, at Glacier, or in our own state’s Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area with a skinny Steinbeck novel in our packs. We also relish

Jeff and Amber
Backpacking at Horseshoe Basin, North Cascades National Park , WA
the hike out and a great latte and tasty meal in places like Portland, Seattle, or Grand Marais.