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10 hour project

Click on the link to find the orginal handout and the outline for the paper. 

10 Hour Projects are due May 9th, 2017 

Civil Rights: A Short Story

We have been working on civil rights all month long. We took action and have learned about people who did the same. One of our culiminating projects is a short story. The students were asked to pick an event from the civil rights movement that they were interested in learning more about. After researching the event they were then asked to write a short story. To tell the story of the event from the point of view of a character they created. To tap into the emotion of expereincing something like that and the bravery that comes when you stand up for what you think is right. 


The outline for the assignment is attached. 

March Book Report

This month we are making board games. Click the link to find out more. 

Activist Project

The link is below to actiivst project handout 

February Book Report

This month we are making a New Book Jacket!

Due Tuesday March 7th 2017


January Book Report

We are making Puppets! 

Please click on the link to check out the outline. 

Puppets are due Feb. 7th 2017 


Geometry Scavenger Hunt

Pick a theme and find examples of geometric figures in real­ life. Take pictures of the objects and insert them into the graphic organizer. Each image should include a definition of the geometric figure the picture illustrates and why it fit the theme. 

Free Space should be examples of 3D shapes. 

October book report

The October book report is a flip book. Click on the attachment to see the outline for the assignment. 

Book Report Schedule

Here is a list of the different book report assignments we will be completing this year.