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Barton's Shakespeare Players
Tuesday, May 31, 2016 7:45 AM


Special thank you to all of those involved in making Barton's Shakespeare play happen! The cast and crew had great performances, and Barton students got to enjoy the play as well.

Thank you to our cast and crew:

Cast of Characters

Katherine - Emma Campbell

Petruchio - Tannen Holt

Baptista - Mosaab Guled

Bianca - Lilly Carlson

Lucentio - Gabe Chang-Deutsch

Tranio - Joe Mechels

Gremio - Lewis McKinnell

Hortensio - Magnus Wuolo-Journey

Grumio - Tia Lindner

Biondello - Sarah Sells

Curis - Hamza Abdullahi

Haberdasher - Kate Mechels

Tailor - Emma Knutson

Widow - Ella Endo


Servant to Bianca - Athena Jandl

Nathaniel - Jagger Hiralez

Peter - Maddie Myers

Gabriel - R.E.L.

Gregory - Yasmiin Abdinur

Adam - Noa Latz

Nicholas - Wali Duhulow

Philip - Lucy Scher

Sugarsop/Rafe - Ansal Abdullahi

Walter - Noa Lilienthal

Wedding Guests

Ladan Hassan, Kamilo Noor, Chip Specker, Nina Steinle, Abdala Ahmed, Shadia Essa, Emma Kaveckis, Ashley Ortega Cano

Dinner Guests

Grace Adams, Mette McKinney, Ava Peterson, Sawyer Garrison

Technical Crew

Director - Flory Sommers

Costumes - Anya Healy & Emma Knutson

Sound Techs - Zev Breen & Keegan James

Light Techs - Imon Robinson & Melisa Ramirez

Stage Crew - Ray Shannon, Adi Haviland, Lizzie Dresdner, Kawsar Mohamed & Aine Doyle


Special thanks to the Scottish Rite Temple for hosting our Shakespeare Season on their beautiful stage once again!