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November 27
Sunday, November 27, 2011 11:00 PM

Kristin’s Class Newsletter
November 27, 2011 Clara Barton Open School kristin.sonquist@mpls.k12., 612-695-5410

Dear Families,

Our Stone Soup lunch was the perfect kick-off to a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. The kids were so proud to cook and serve to their families and friends! The soup was the best ever. The pot was licked clean! Thank you all for coming, and for your continued support.
I had all of my kids and a couple extras for Thanksgiving dinner- 21 in all. What a feast! We are almost out of leftovers, and are all ready for some non-turkey related food.

This Week
Although the Solstice is a couple weeks away, we are going to take some time to study the “circle of the sun” and learn about some solstice traditions around the world. People around the world have the need to gather and celebrate as the days get darker. We are learning about the clock and the calendar, too.

Next Week
We will look at a couple European holidays, Santa Lucia Day and St. Nicholas Day. Amanda’s surgery is Tuesday, so I’ll be out of school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Our friend Nettie Magnuson will be our guest teacher.

Let it Shine Time
Most days we gather with Dawn’s class to hear a story about a person who has made a difference in the world. We’ve learned about Mohandas Ghandi, Benjamin West, Jane Goodall and others. We do a little singing, too!

Goodwill to all
As we learn about different celebrations, we are noticing that doing good deeds are part of many. We are going to take time this week for some acts of kindness. Maybe some will happen to you!

Thanks, Kristin