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Parent Update - September 22, 2017

This week, we continue to build a strong, inclusive learning community in Classroom 120. We have played games (head or tails, Moose, Mouse Bear and “Step into the Circle if…). We read two of the "No David" books and had a rich discussion of how rules would have helped David; that he didn’t know what was expected of him so he struggled with success. We also read a poem, "Kind Hearts Are Gardens", by Longfellow, and wrote about ways we can be kind. The group is really coming together and I see a lot of support amongst the students.

For math, every student made a full body self portrait and we practiced counting by fives (a lot!) as we figured out how many fingers and toes there are on 24 students. We also considered questions like: If there are 50 toes, how many people are there? In addition, first graders have been practicing writing numbers through a roll and record activity as well as comparing and ordering numbers. Second graders have been extending 3 and 4 element patterns to consider what number the fourth element will be far beyond the three times the pattern repeats.

We have started our rotation of Science with Nicole for our specialist time, (this changes our specialist time to 8:55 a.m.). On October 2, we start Music with Lisa which will allow us to resume our usual 12:15 specialist time of day.

A few families have sent in snacks for our story time. If you can contribute a nut-free snack to be shared, that would be great!

I have been hearing and seeing the sweetest gestures of inclusion and respect for the students. I feel lucky to be working with them!