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Teams + Jerseys + Fields
Friday, May 10, 2013 9:15 AM

Sorry for the delay in sending out the teams! Below are the teams we'd like to have, though this is not completely finalized, since we don't have a good idea yet of who is going to be able to make it to the games. (We may have to adjust if all of one team but only half of another team shows up, that is.)


  • Otis A.
  • Gillian B.
  • Matt C.
  • Rudy D.
  • Miles H.
  • Henry H.
  • Holiday H.
  • Tannen H.
  • Cole K.
  • Dylan K.
  • Julian K.
  • Nathan K.
  • Lukas L.
  • Kate M.
  • Cyrus N.
  • Luke P.
  • Grace P.
  • Nadine S.
  • Shane S.
  • Hayden W.
  • Eli M.
  • Kieran P.


  • Zev B.
  • Wil C.
  • Gabe F.
  • Josiah F.
  • Alex F.
  • Billie F.
  • Ethan H.
  • Monae K.
  • Bryce L.
  • Carson M.
  • Finn M.
  • Sophie M.
  • Ben N.
  • Alex R.
  • Henry R.
  • Spencer R.
  • Cyrus T.
  • Louie T.
  • Leo T.

Players from both teams should be at Lyndale Farmstead at 3:00 on Saturday to warm up for the game!

Bad news about the jerseys: the company I ordered from only printed half of my order. They will be sending the other half as soon as they can, but it won't arrive by Saturday. So, for our first game, PLEASE BRING A RED SHIRT! (Any red shirt is fine, as long as you can play sports in it). We will definitely get our jerseys next week, in time for our second game.

Also, while we can use the Lyndale Farmstead fields for our game, I was just informed that the building, including the bathrooms, will be locked. It is too late to find another field for our first game, but I am trying to find us a different home field that will have bathrooms/water/etc.

TO SUMMARIZE: Check your team above, bring a red shirt and a water bottle to the game on Saturday, the bathrooms at Lyndale Farmstead will be locked (just a heads up), and get excited to play some fun Ultimate on Saturday!