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Thank You for Helping at Barton's 100th Anniversary Party!
Monday, April 18, 2016 2:25 PM

Birthday sign
Happy Birthday Barton!

A Special Note of Thanks from Jerri to the Dear Barton Community:

On Saturday, April 16, 2016, many of us gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of our beautiful building. The event itself was even more astounding than I ever could have imagined back in the Fall of 2015, when the planning for this event began. Just looking out at the crowd (which looked like it may have been 1,200 people) was amazing, in and of itself, but what was even more amazing was the sense of community that we--at Barton--are so great at creating! Together, we make Barton, our community, Minneapolis, and the world a better place to be! Our community is incredibly strong and beautiful and, at our 100 year mark, what more can we celebrate than that? 

There is so much gratitude to share. I will begin here, but please know that if I do not list your name, it is not because you are forgotten. It is because we had close to 100 volunteers and my google spreadsheet is full to bursting! Thank you, thank you, thank you--100 times thank you!

THANK YOU to the "Barton Turns 100" Planning Committee: Jerri Clark Wagner, Sheila Eldred, Kristi Smith-Knutson, Molly Cooper, Mary Scavotto, Sarah Cooper-Evans, Michele Nealen, Julia Paulsen Mullin, Melissa Odenbach, and Kate Cooper Guin.

THANK YOU to Jonas Beugen and Holly Kleppe for their incredible support throughout.

THANK YOU to Sheila Eldred who helped in so many ways that would be too difficult to quantify!

THANK YOU to Kristi Smith-Knutson and Sheila Eldred for authoring and mailing the letters to notables, alumni, and invited guests.

THANK YOU to Rob Walstead, who created the slideshow for the Barton Turns 100 Celebration Program. 

THANK YOU to Melissa Odenbach, Michele Nealen, and Sheila Eldred for the preparation of the historical documents for the slideshow presentation. THANK YOU to Michele Nealen and Melissa Odenbach for preparing the historical documents prior to the event, as well as the display at the event. 

THANK YOU to Sarah Cooper-Evans for tireless efforts to reach out to former Barton parents and teachers who helped create the Barton Open program in the 1982-1983 school year and the recruitment of alumni, former staff, parents to attend the event. 

THANK YOU to the Southwest Journal for covering our event.

THANK YOU to Kristi Smith-Knutson for creating the beautiful Barton posters for sale at the event. 

THANK YOU to Kate Guin for creating the beautiful handout that accompanied the program for the day, as well as the many 20x24 versions of the handout that were sprinkled throughout the building and decorated lovingly by Alexandra's 5/6 classroom.

THANK YOU to Mark Wagner for authoring the proclamation that Rep. Steve Hornstein delivered on Saturday. 

THANK YOU to "Team T-Shirt" Delivery on Thursday, April 14th: PETE SAMPSON! Jerri Clark Wagner, Sheila Eldred, Fiona Pradhan, Tony Siebenaler-Ransom, Jennie Houghton, John Lundquist, Katey Leck, Laura Scher, Becky Patton, Nasra Hassan, Brittany Alexander, and the Wednesday 4/13 Load-In Crew.

THANK YOU to Jeff Cords for creating a memorable "100" photograph that will live on forever in our memories and our building and for being available at the event to chat with folks. 

THANK YOU to Ben Garvin for creating a video of the "100" photograph assembly and getting Barton a spot on Kare 11. This video was highlighted on the monitor by the main office at the event. 

THANK YOU to Gregory Chastain and Angie Endo for endless amounts of technical support leading up to the event. THANK YOU to Gregory Chastain for technical support on the day of the event, specifically with the Kare 11 video and slideshow presentation.

THANK YOU to our special lobby greeter on the day of the event--Clara Barton herself--ROSE SHETKA!

THANK YOU to Lisa Roth and her beautiful Uppers Choir for performing on the day of the event and so much more!

THANK YOU to Steve Gagner for videotaping the program on the day of the event. 

THANK YOU to Kelly Holdgrafer for creating a map of the layout for event.

THANK YOU to the Set Up Crew the Day before and Day of: Jerri Clark Wagner, Sheila Eldred, Kristi Smith-Knutson, Mary Scavotto, Lucy Jones, Melissa Odenbach, Molly Cooper, Fiona Pradhan, Kelly Holdgrafer, Missy Jones, Daniel Wilson, and Michelle Pryce. To the students who helped day before, and day of, for set up: Zoe Sumner, Wes Sumner, Lucia, Gia, and Theo Scavotto, Zoe Wagner, Ellie Cooper, Zoe Odenbach, Sam and Addie Jones, Penelope Knutson, Isla Meysenburg, Georgia and Addie Guin, and Savanna Mena's sons. THANK YOU Georgia and Marina Guin for the beautiful "Happy Birthday" signs.

THANK YOU Minneapolis Kids and staff for creating the signs that we used throughout the event for the various stations. 

THANK YOU to the Community Art Project Day of Volunteers: Major thanks to KRISTI SMITH-KNUTSON for creating the Art Room Community Art Project! Kristi Smith-Knutson, Diane Saez, Alana Siebenaler-Ransom, Sarah Kuzel Leslie, Carolyn Ramberg, Angela Nelson, Natasha Courtney, Julie Guidry, Colleen Ueland. 

THANK YOU to Melissa Odenbach and her team at the History Table by the Media Center: Kaswr Mohame and Julia Paulsen Mullin.

THANK YOU to those who helped "float" around the building and make sure that guests knew where to look for the programmed portion and the Celebratory Project "HOT SPOTS:" Nasra Hassan, Melissa Philibert, Fiona Pradhan, Janelle Wegner, Lisa Lange, Kate Rush, Heather Cholat, and Lara Roy. 

THANK YOU to those who served as Ushers for the event to help people find their way into the Commons for the program portion, as well as who handed out the beautiful programs designed by KATE COOPER GUIN. Ushers: Molly Cooper, Kadhar Elmi, Vic Nelson, Annie Loch, Madhuri Kasat Shors, and Amy Scheller. 

THANK YOU to those who served at the Barton Alumni Table with LUCY JONES at the helm! Lucy Jones, Daniel Wilson, Lily Wilson, Louisa Mullin, Shane Stodolka, and many other recent Barton graduates. Special thanks to LUCY JONES for creating and providing all the materials for the Barton Alumni table!

THANK YOU to Mary Scavotto and her team at the Popcorn/Lemonade Station by Door 1 at the event: Mary Scavotto, Missy Jones, Kelly Holdgrafer, Anjula Razdan, Sara Stenzel, and Michelle Pryce. Special THANK YOU to Mary for picking up additional cakes and bubbles prior to the event. 

THANK YOU to an unexpected donation of FOUR Barton Birthday Cakes from the lovely Andie Thomas at Studio 2. Thank you to Sheila, Jerri and Zoe for picking up Studio 2 cakes. 

THANK YOU to the Day-of photographers who helped with documenting the 100 celebration event: Travina Helm, Tami Tripp, and Betsy Walts.

THANK YOU to Tony Siebenaler-Ransom and the Plant Sale Crew for set up and take down at the event. 

THANK YOU to Dawn Sjoquist for Barton Community Ed display at the event. 

THANK YOU to the Clean Up Crew on the day of the event: Tami Tripp, Katie Scott, Jim Scott, Kelly Holdgrafer, Alana Siebenaler-Ransom, Jerri Clark Wagner, Mark Wagner, Sheila Eldred, Eric Sumner, Molly Cooper, Ellie Cooper, Kristi Smith-Knutson, Penelope Knutson, Emma Knutson, Zoe Wagner, Zoe Sumner, Wes Sumner, Mary and Chris Scavotto, Lucia, Gia, and Theo and the entire Popcorn/Lemonade/Cake team!

THANK YOU to Sheila Eldred and Jerri Clark Wagner, with help from Sara Stenzel, at the Barton “Gear” Table.

THANK YOU to Zero the Hero for making a guest appearance at the programmed portion!