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Thank You to All Involved with Barton's Plant Sale!
Thursday, May 19, 2016 12:25 PM

Barton Plant Sale

Many thanks to all the people who helped make the 2016 Barton Plant sale a success. We did it!  We surpassed our goal of $80,000. Roughly half of that total goes to the Barton Foundation!

Thanks to those who processed, called, filed and entered data from all the paper orders. This team included Kris Mandler, Susan McKinnell, Sarah Wuendry, Julie Madge, Julia Mullin, Arwen Wilder, Sarah Kuzel-Leslie, Kris Woelber and Michelle Pryce.

Thanks to those who took care of cash and carry sales: Katherine Harter, Catherine Myers, Sarah Kuzel-Leslie, Beth Desotelle, Roberta Gibbons, and Kristi Smith-Knutsen.

Plant pick-up volunteers included Anne Marie Fischer, Jeni Heineman, Fiona Pradhan, Julia Mullin, Mel Muller, Tami Moon, Sarah Meysenburg, Alex Levine, Victoria Lauing, Elizabeth Christensen, Wendy Auldrich,  Carolyn Ramberg, Rosanna Melton, William Skarstad, Janice Haines, Eleonore Balbach, Alexandra Naughton, Erin Klug, Molly Cooper, Daniel Wils, Annie Sparrows, Arwen Wilder, Kelly Chapin and Pam Hockenberry, Michele Nealen, Victoria Neis, Anne Sateren Burow, Mary Scavotto, Katey Scott, Kari Sharff, Jerri Wagner, Kris Woelber, Brenda Zehnder and Katie Scott, Heather Cholat, Brenda Johnson, Laura Morrill and Tony Siebenaler-Ransom.

Thank you to all the teachers and students who worked hard to sell plants and keep track of everything. We would also like to thank our engineers Rick and Luis for their extra time and patience.  A big shout out to Studio 2 for donating the donuts for the Uppers who came early and helped unload plants from the trucks.  Many thanks also to Tom Hockenberry for donating plants.

And finally, we want to acknowledge the plant sale committee members who are graduating from our ranks, but will be remembered fondly for their dedication, hard work and combined 20 plus years of experience making Barton Plant Sales great. Thank you, Katherine Harter, Laura Morrill and Kris Mandler!!

The Plant Sale Committee: Kris Mandler, Katherine Harter, Laura Morrill, Tony Siebenaler-Ransom, Brenda Johnson, Catherine Myers, Heather Cholat, Kris Woelber, Sarah Kuzel-Leslie and Michelle Pryce