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01/04/15 Newsletter and Homework
Sunday, January 3, 2016 7:50 PM

Dear Families,

Wasn’t it great that winter came just in time for winter break?  I know that there were lots of chances for families and friends to gather and enjoy the long-awaited snow!  As we settle back into our school routine,  we will take time to play together, re-model routines and procedures, and celebrate the growth and accomplishments of each students at this midpoint of the year.

Light Projects

Since the light projects are due early next week, we are not giving other homework ideas- just the spelling list.  We hope that you enjoy guiding your child through his or her special project.  I am attaching the “specs” one more time in case they are misplaced.  If I have not heard from you about your child’s topic, I will reach out via email or the BEE book, just to see if you need some support.  It has happened in the past that students aren’t able to work peacefully and happily with their parents, and I have had that child do their project at school.  If you need to use the “do at school” option, just let me know!

When the projects start coming in, students will share them with classmates.  We have found that if parents come in to watch the presentations, it adds an extra level of stress; when students share for classmates only it is more like something that happens every day, and they don’t experience shyness or anxiety.  Parents will see all of the project presentations at our light fair on  Thursday, January 14, from 7:45-8:45. 

Inspiring People and Superpowers
We learned about so many heroes and heroines!  12 of these are represented in your 2016 calendar.  We hope you like it and hang it on your wall to remind you all year of people who let their lights shine in all kinds of ways.

We thought we’d focus on some fictional heroes and heroines this week, as a way to highlight the characteristics we want to develop in ourselves.  I know there will be great conversations and lots of inspired reading as we study superheroes.  We’ll be writing autobiographies and thinking about the superpowers we’d want, and how we would use them to change the world.   Thanks!  Kristin

Kristin’s Class Homework

January 4, 2016    We will have homework sharing and a spelling test on Friday!  Have fun working on your projects!



Spelling Words

























Homework Ideas


*Read for pleasure or practice.


*Work on your project!  Be ready to bring it to school by next Tuesday (earlier is fine.)


*Practice your spelling words with scrabble tiles.  Spell them, mix them, put them back in order, check to see if you are right.