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10/15/2012 Newsletter
Monday, October 15, 2012 10:15 AM


Dear Families,

First I would like to say that our field trip to MN Harvest Apple Orchard was wonderful!  All of the kids had fun, even though it was pretty chilly.  We got to pick apples right off the trees, shine them on our shirts, and eat them then and there, just like Mother Nature intended.  (The have a special stand of trees that are never sprayed, just for this purpose.) The corn maze was a nice, safe size- we got “lost” enough, but not too lost.  The donuts were delicious, even though we didn’t get to eat them ‘til we were back at school.(long story.)  We shared them with our big buddies.  We got to see how apples were sorted on a conveyor belt and packed for shipping for eating, if perfect, or cider, if a little bruised.  At the end, there were 53 quiet kids sprawled on the floor in the building, writing down their ideas for character, setting and conflict in an original fairy tale.  

Best of all the very first field trip has happened safely and peacefully. For many of our first graders, it was a first, ever!  Congratulations on this milestone; here’s hoping for many more!

Frog Prince

We continued to explore what it means to have empathy.  As we read the Frog Prince,  the class had lots of empathy for the Princess, who really hated the idea of touching that slimy green frog.  They were kind of mad at the king, and thought he “forced” the princess to keep her promise.  It got me to thinking about how hard it is for young children to adopt another’s point of view, and also, that we probably need to be around more frogs!  If they knew one personally, they wouldn’t be so grossed out.  They aren’t having any trouble with our mealworms or our waxworms, which I find pretty icky.  

Picture Day

We’ll have our turn on Monday 10:15 at 9:30.  Make sure to send the envelope if you want to buy pictures.  

This Week…

We be studyin’ pirates!  Aarg!  No homework due to the short week.  I’ll be at a conference on Tuesday.  Nettie and Emily will be in charge.  

Thanks!  Kristin