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10/17/16 Newsletter

Dawn’s and Kristin’s Class Newsletter

October 17, 2016   Clara Barton Open School


Dear Families,

Since it’s a short week we’ll skip the spelling and the homework ideas.  In school, we are going to revisit the Zones of Regulation.  The Zones are a handy way to get in touch with our feelings.  It also gives us insight into what might cause us to enter a less comfortable zone, and what tools we can use to help ourselves handle those big feelings that might come along.  As we explore more fairy tales this week, we’ll be reading with our “zones” lens, and thinking about feelings, triggers and tools that we find in the fairy tales.  Look for some information in your BEE book and check out if you want to know more about it.

Fairy Tales

We are hard at work on our fairy tales.  Most kids have written their stories, and are planning their illustrations.  It’s been fun to hear students come up with their own tales, or retell the classics. 

Author’s Tea

Because there will be an All School Morning Meeting on October 28, and we have a field trip that day too, we decided that squeezing in an Author’s Tea in between would be too much.  So mark you calendars again!

Author’s Tea

October 31

7:45-8:45 am

Families are welcome.  Students may dress as fairytale characters for the day if they would like to.  In the afternoon, we’ll have our

Happily Ever After Party

October 31


We will celebrate the end of our unit of study, Once Upon a Time with some crafts, dancing and treats.  We’ll need some parent helpers for this, so look for an email from your parent reps, Kate in 104 and Amy and Amanda in 102.

Teacher Convention

There is no school on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday this week.  We are grateful that Minnesota  provides teachers with this time.  We’ll use it wisely, and are also grateful for your support!  Thanks, Kristin, Dawn and Missy