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10/26/15 Newsletter
Sunday, October 25, 2015 9:10 PM

Dear Families,

Thank you for the wonderful turn-out at our author’s tea last Friday!  I am so proud of everyone!  Thanks to the big buddies, to all of the parents who helped.  The kids did a beautiful job from start to finish. 

This week we will take some time to reflect on our learning from Gaggles, Flocks and Families.  We have learned a lot about animals and how they work together.  We have also learned a lot about ourselves!  This learning will stay with us as we launch our next unit of study.

Problem-Solving Meetings

There have been a few issues at recess in the past couple weeks that seem to be gender-specific, so Dawn and I are going to have problem solving meetings at lunch for boys and girls separately. On Tuesday we will model the “peace quilt” which we use to solve problems between two or three kids.  We’ll report on results in next week’s newsletter.

Fire and Code Red Drills

Last week we had a surprise fire drill, followed by a “code red” drill.  Well, it was a surprise to me, anyway- I probably missed it on the calendar.  The fact that we have been working on noticing our feelings, and training our brains to help us when we are in the “red” and “yellow” zones sure paid off.  Though surprised and alarmed, for the fire drill we popped into line, stayed together, and got outside. For the code red drill we locked the door, pulled the shade, and sat in the northeast corner.  We had a whispered conversation about what would happen if there was a real bad guy.  (We’d be ok because we were hiding in the safety zone.) After, we processed a little more, and I took some cheerful teasing about why I hadn’t told them it was happening.  (Nothing cuter than a relieved bunch of righteously indignant 6 year olds. “Savanna always told us!  Yeah!  So did Kate!  What were you thinking! I guess you forgot, right Kristin!”) In the end, everyone was excited rather than afraid, but mostly eager to get to the playtime we had been planning.  So bring on the safety drills, Jonas!  We are ready to go.

Coming Up

*Monday night at the Lowbrow to benefit Barton!  See you there?

*Wednesday Oct.28,  Calling All Party Animals!  102 and 104 will have a celebration of the end of our unit of study from 12:15-1:30.  Our room reps Jerri Clark Wagner and Kate Rush are gathering volunteers and ideas for animal crafts and animal activities. It’ll be a zoo! ( We will make animal masks and ears; kids can wear animal costumes if they want.

*No School Thursday and Friday

*All-school photo, November 6

*After school baby shower, November 6

*Lantern Walk, Saturday, November 7.

*Stone Soup Lunch- November 20

*Thanksgiving break- Nov. 25-29.

Thanks!  Kristin