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10/7/2013 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, October 14, 2013 8:55 AM

Dear Families,

We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo!  How about you, you, you!

On Friday we’ll have our first field trip to the MN zoo!  We will leave school at 8:20 and return at 1:30.  We could use at least 4 parent volunteers to help us keep the groups small and make sure that we see as many animals as we can.  If you can join us for the trip, we would love to have you!

Last Week

It’s hard for a chimpanzee to have self-control, but we really worked on ours.  Our class is becoming a community of caring, focused learners.  

This Week

It’s shark week!  Did you know sharks grow thousands of teeth?  Did you know there are 360 kinds of sharks?  Did you know sharks have no bones?  Sharks are cooperative, assertive and responsible, but they have no empathy or self control at all!  All they think about is food.  We’ll learn all about sharks and we’ll even get to see some real ones at the zoo.

Research Projects

This week our big buddies from Jessie and Carrie’s class will help us get started with our independent animal research.  Each child will choose an animal that they can find at the MN zoo, and learn all about it.  We will turn their research into a non-fiction book that each child will read aloud at the Author’s Tea on October 31 at 7:45.  We are really excited to share our learning with all of you!


The first week of testing went well- the second graders were troopers.  This will be the first time for first graders in Minneapolis to take the MAP test.  The best way to prepare your kids is to let them know that they should do their best to read and answer the questions but not to worry if they don’t know an answer- the test is designed that way.  If you have questions or comments about the MAP tests, please send an email.  

Thanks!  Kristin

Spelling Words

(choose 6-20 words to study.)




















Homework Ideas

*Make a list of different kinds of sharks.

*Find some facts about sharks and bring them to school to share.  Try YouTube as a source of great documentaries about sharks.

*Watch Finding Nemo.  How are the sharks in that movie the same as and different from the real sharks we’ve studied?

*Find  heart words in a magazine or newspaper article.  Use a highlighter and your heart word list in your bee book to help you.  

*Read about sharks.  Find some interesting, “juicy” words to share with the class.  

*Do your own thing.

*Bring a “good fit” book home to read to a family member.

*Find your family change jar and practice counting money.  Find different combinations to make the same amount.

*Use “rainbow spelling” to practice your spelling words.