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11/14/16 Newsletter & Homework

Dawn’s and Kristin’s Class Newsletter

Clara Barton Open School    November 14, 2016


Dear Families,

What a week.  So much happening, and so much to think about.  Missy started her full-time teaching.  Dawn and Kristin spent an amazing day at Prairie Creek community school, connecting with progressive educators from our area and learning new ways to bring social-emotional learning, projects, and art to our students.  We launched a new unit of study.  We designed and produced the lanterns and had our lantern walk on Saturday night.  And, oh, yes:  we had an election with an unexpected and unsettling result.

Our first and second graders really have no business worrying about national politics.  On Wednesday morning, however, there was a lot of worry, and lots of rumors going around. Kids are worried about safety, deportation, and having their families torn apart.   We addressed the worry as best we could.  We promised to provide safety at school.  We know that sometimes we don’t agree with the way things happen.  Our job is to be the best people we can be, be kind, share our love and friendship with each other, and do the best we can to keep learning.  We won’t let anything interfere with our learning.  We’ll take care of our friends who are feeling unsafe, and make sure school is a place where everyone feels welcome.  We did an art project that is now hanging in the hall.  We are leaning on the zones of regulation and our mindfulness toolkits to help us manage our feelings.  And that’s that.

To Market To Market

We launched our new unit of study.  The big ideas, or key questions, are:

*How are things made? 

*Where do things come from? 

*How can we be responsible producers and consumers? 

 To decide what is most important to learn about, our two classes sent teams to every home room in the school to ask their opinion about the most important school supply.  We’ve compiled our data, and PENCILS won by a landslide.  We will be learning all about pencils in the next few weeks.  Later, students will choose their own topic to dive into for a personal project. 

Stone Soup

This Friday is our annual Stone Soup Lunch! There will be lots of preparation.  We’ll talk about how to make people welcome all week.  On Wednesday, we’ll scrub our veggies.  On Thursday, we’ll chop and cook.  On Friday, we will serve the delicious Stone Soup to all of YOU! Please send some uncooked veggies (potatoes, carrots, celery, cabbage, turnips, really- it’s all good) on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Canned veggies, frozen veggies, and herbs are also welcome. 

On Friday, from 12:30-1:30 we will serve Stone Soup to you!  Please come!

Thanks, Kristin, Dawn, and Missy


102 and 104 Homework

November 13, 2016    You know what to do!  Choose some homework ideas to try.  Be ready for a spelling test and homework sharing on Friday.


Spelling Words

























Homework Ideas

*Bring some vegetables to add to our Stone Soup.  Raw, frozen or canned veggies are fine.  Bring veggies Tuesday or Wednesday.


*Invite some family members to come to Stone Soup on Friday, November 18, from 12:30-1:30.


*Put your spelling words in ABC order.


*Write your spelling words three times each day.  Put the tricky ones on a post-it on your bathroom mirror.


*Read for pleasure and practice. Build stamina!  Read a little longer every day. 


*Find out about your family’s “feast” traditions.  What are special foods for special days?


*Sort out the family change jar.  Count the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. 


*Bring some change for the 5th and 6th grade service project.


*Do your own thing.


*Play a board game with play money, like Life or Monopoly.


*How do you make people feel welcome at your house?  Talk with your family.