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11/30/15 Newsletter and Homework
Sunday, November 29, 2015 8:25 PM

Dear Families,

This is an exciting and very hardworking time of year.  Kids have a lot of positive energy.  They may be excited for upcoming holidays, change in the weather, gatherings and parties, and blossoming knowledge too.  Some kids are a little overwhelmed, and can get tired or sick, and need extra TLC.  Some kids are bundles of happy energy, and need lots and lots to do.

At school, we will stick to the comfort of our routines and rituals as much as possible.  We will channel extra energy by providing outlets for creativity- more art, more writing, more building, movement, more singing.  We will think about how to use our energy to “let our lights shine” for people at home and at school. 

Loy Krathong

In Thailand there is a lovely celebration of light called Loy Krathong.  We will learn a little about Thailand this week, and explore a beautiful story that most of us don’t know.  Watch for our wishes for the world to appear on our “shining river of light” in the hallway this week. The story is about the combining of cultures and the importance of being honest about your needs and desires. 

Book Clubs

Thanks to all of the families who are reading the book club books at home!  To be ready for our book club discussions on Tuesday, be sure that you have read your chapters.  On Tuesday we will discuss:

*Thomas Edison- chapters 9-11

*Despereaux- chapters 21-30

*Ramona – chapters 5-6


In room 102, we have sharing every day.  On Mondays and Fridays, every student shares during morning meeting.  Monday we share about our weekends, and Fridays we share about something we did at home that helps with our learning at school.  Some kids share homework at that time.

On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, students may sign up to share.  Since the purpose of sharing is to get to know each other better, we don’t bring toys from home to share.  Students MAY bring an artifact that is related to our learning, but they need to show it to me before they share it.  Most kids lately have been sharing ways that they let their light shine- something that helps them share an aspect of identity, something they made, or something special from their childhood or family. 

“But I’m HOT!”

I’m doing my best to make sure kids are dressed properly before recess and leaving for the day.  The 1st and 2nd grade mindset it’s silly to put jackets on for outside because it is hot inside. ;-) They want to get out to play - the whole jacket/hat/mittens thing slows them down.  You can help by helping your child practice zipping up and getting ready quickly. And dress in layers.  It really DOES get hot inside!  Thanks!  Kristin

Kristin’s Class Homework

November 30, 2015  You know what to do!  Choose a few homework ideas to try!  Be ready to share your home learning and have a spelling test on Friday.


Spelling Words

























Homework Ideas


*Read your bookclub chapters, and be ready for bookclub lunch on Tuesday.


*Chat with your parents about your own holiday traditions.  How were they created? Do you have traditions from many ancestors?


*Find some facts about Thailand and bring them to class to share.


*Let your light shine! Memorize a poem, song or joke to recite at lunchtime.


*Eat some Thai food at a restaurant or at home.


*Think of someone in your life who does a lot for you.  Write a surprise thank you note.


*Read for pleasure and practice.  Use Raz kids, books, or anything else with words!


*Play board games or dice games with your families. Try Yahtzee, Uno, Trouble, or Sorry.


*Do your own thing!


*Practice counting to 100 by 2s, 5s and 10s.  Challenge yourself to count by 3s!