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11/3/2014 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, November 3, 2014 8:20 AM

Dear Families,


On Friday, while you all were preparing for Halloween fun, Katie and I enjoyed a quiet day putting the fairytale books in the closet and getting the room ready for To Market, To Market!  For the next nine weeks or so we will be thinking about:

*Where do things come from?

*How are things made?

*How can I be a responsible producer and consumer?

We’ll start with clothing-  where does it come from, and how is it made?  All things made by people start with an idea, and experiencing the creative process will be an important part of our work.  We’ll do some sewing and some finger knitting!

Toward the end, each child will be asked to learn how something is made and teach the class about their discoveries.


We will be solidifying our money skills, and working toward making our own “market” during math time. Students will identify and count coins, make change and keep accounts.  This is a wonderful skill to practice at home too.  Working with coins gives purpose to skip counting, and adding and subtracting big numbers.  

Heart Word Spelling Test

Wow!  As a class, we did really well!  Your test will come home soon, and when you get it, congratulate your child on the words she or he knew, and help practice the ones that were missed.  These words account for 50% of reading and writing, so, once we know them, we approach both topics with happy confidence! Use playdoh, wikki sticks, legos, or good old pencil and paper to make and practice.

Thanks You!

Thanks to Ave, Jerri, Andrea, Sarah, Kristi, Nils, Juna, and Liv,  who helped us run the Happily Ever After Party on Thursday! It was a big hit!  Thanks especially to Katie Johnson and Dawn White, who did all of the planning and preparation while I was in NOLA.  

Jonny and Heidi’s Wedding!

I’ll be leaving the class with Katie and Nettie once again this Friday, November 7, as AJ and I get ready for the big groom’s dinner at our house, and of course, my son Jonny’s wedding on Saturday!   I can’t wait for the big day, and it will be nice to have it behind us, too.  :-)   Thanks, Kristin and Katie




Spelling Words
























Homework Ideas


* Make a list of different kinds of clothing.


*Look at the labels inside your clothing.  What is your clothing made of?


*Read for pleasure or practice.


*Sort out a jar of coins.  Count the pennies by ones, the nickels by 5s and the dimes by tens.   Make piles of four quarters.  Figure out how much money the coin jar is worth.


*Practice your spelling words with little pieces of yarn.  Make the letters, erase, and make them again.


*Do some sewing or knitting at home!  Bring your work to share on Friday.  


*Check your heart word test to see which words you need to practice.  Post the words around your house.


*Do your own thing!