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11/4/2013 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, November 4, 2013 11:00 AM

Dear Families,

This week we kick off our new unit called Let It Shine. Over the next few months, we will learn about sources of light, how people around the world celebrate with light, and how we can let our own inner lights shine.


Lantern Walk

November 9th 5-6pm

We will have our own celebration of light Saturday evening! Students will spend the week studying patterns and symmetry to create their own lanterns.  On Saturday, we will meet at “the bowl” at Farmstead Park at the corner of 40th and Dupont.

Please bring a treat to share if you can. If you are able to bring a jug of hot chocolate, let Kristin know.

We still need volunteers!

From 10am-3pm on Saturday is Arts from the Heart. The students have started creating the cards we will sell to help raise money for the ergonomic music chairs.

Thank you to the families who signed up to help at our Room 102 Let it Shine table. We are still looking for more volunteers. If you are willing to help sponsor the $35 fee to rent our table, let Marie or Kristin know. Look for more specific volunteer information in a separate email.  


Our spelling words this week come from a celebration of light from India called Diwali. Children spend time cleaning and decorating their houses to prepare for the Festival of Lights. At night, people light tiny lamps and colored lights. Many Hindu people consider Diwali the beginning of the new year.

Marie Teaches Full Time

Sadly, my time in Room 102 is coming to an end. I will be spending the next two weeks teaching full time to prepare for my own classroom someday. Kristin will be close at hand giving me feedback and supporting my growth as a teacher.

Thanks! Marie and Kristin


Spelling Words to Practice





















Homework Ideas

*Eat at an East Indian restaurant.  Save the menu. Bring it in to school to share.

*Read 20 minutes every night. Read your “good fit” book from the just right lending library. Return your book for a new one if you’re ready.

* Look for patterns in your home.  Are they symmetrical?

* Learn more about Diwali on the internet or at the library.  Bring facts to school to share.

* Find ways you use math at home. Share your ideas at school.

* Have a candelight dinner.

*Make plans to come to the lantern walk on Saturday.

* Do your own thing.

* Play the game Left, Right, Center. Directions are attached.

* Practice tying your shoe laces if you don’t know how.  Pay attention to your left and your right hands.


*Practice spelling. Write in yellow. Write over the word a second time in black.