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11/8/10 Family Letter
Monday, November 8, 2010 9:35 PM



Here's a few short heads up announcements and an attachment you could
read together with your child that will assist them with their Word Work
this week.  (They have a paper copy of the attachment that does not
include quite all the text and without the beautiful color photos.)

Swimming for 204 is coming! The permission slip will come home tomorrow.
First dates are the two days before Thanksgiving holiday. (11/22 & 23)

The annual 204 Thanksgiving feast will be held on Tuesday the 23rd.  A
flyer about this will also arrive home in the next 2 days.

I believe I misled you on the zoo field trip date in an earlier message
- it is really on 11/18 (Thursday) and - yes! - the slip for this will
come home in the next few days too.

Please consult with your child about their preparations for sharing
their homework/hydrology project - we start next Monday - about 5 or 6
children will share each day. 

Here are the presenting tips I will share with them in class -
additional emphasis from home will help.

Make eye contact.
Be relaxed.
Be enthusiastic about what you have learned and want to share.
Use a clear/loud voice.
Know and share interesting information - it's not necessary to include
every detail.  (DO NOT plan to read a poster or a paper or a Power Point
out loud to the class, you will lose the attention of your audience. 
Instead, in a relaxed "chatty" way, talk about what you've learned as if
you are an "expert" on your topic.)
Be organized - think about the order you will show and tell your
learning and how you will remember what you want to say.

Also - it became clear today that some children fell behind on reading
their books for book group - please check in with your child and help
them find time to catch up at home this week if necessary.


The sun is already setting on me - yipes!