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12/12/16 Newsletter & Homework

Kristin’s and Dawn’s Class Newsletter

December 12, 2017   Clara Barton Open School


Dear Families,

It’s the last week before winter break! It will be a fun and busy week, with lots of deep thinking and fun practice.  We are setting up for the launch of our pencil store on Wednesday, and our hula-hoop factory on Thursday.  We have been doing lots of individual work, where we are responsible for our own product from start to finish.  

Pencil Store

We have learned a lot about pencils are are ready to try selling.  We are going to have a “buy one give one” model, (like Tom’s shoes!” where each pencil costs 25 cents, and also funds a pencil that goes to a “give away box so we can distribute the donated pencils to Barton classrooms.  The store will be open every Wednesday morning in the main hall, and everyday, all day by appointment, in rooms 102 and 104.

Barton Hula Hoop Works

On Thursday we will work on an assembly line, using teamwork, factory-style to work together to make hula-hoops for every student. We will sign our contracts first thing Thursday morning, and then have our training video.  Parents will set up the assembly line and act as managers, especially at the dangerous parts. We need at least 20 volunteers, will start set-up at 7:45, as soon as the morning hallway traffic clears. They will also do the “take-down” at around 9:00. Our parent reps, Kate, Amy and Amanda are collecting the names- let them know if you want in on the action!

The Project

As part of our unit of study, To Market, To Market, each child do a project at home. They  will present learning to the class, and at a Market Fair in January. We are sending the project details this week, for families who like a head start, or want something to work on over winter break.

Missy’s Last Day

Missy Williams will be completing her student teaching on Friday.  We’ll miss her but we are so happy for her too!

Be warm!

It’s really cold now! Everyone has 30 minutes of recess every day.  Send warm clothes and practice zipping, putting on mittens after zipping the coat, etc. 

Happy Vacation!

We hope that you have a wonderful winter break.  See you back at school on Tuesday, January 3, 2017!  

Kristin and Dawn

Spelling Words



























Homework Ideas

Choose some homework ideas to try and be ready  for a spelling test and homework sharing on Friday.

*Read about the project and think about what you might like to learn about.


*Check out The Lorax with your family.


*Talk about wants and needs with your family.  What are some things you want?  What are some things you need?


*Keep working on counting money!  It’s almost time for the school store to get going!


*Measure some things around your house.  Use a ruler or a yardstick.


*Help with some holiday chores.  Bake cookies, go shopping, or decorate!  Pitch in and be part of the team.


*Write a thank you note for someone who has helped you.


*Do your own thing!


* Read for practice and pleasure.