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12/1/2013 Newsletter and Homework
Sunday, December 1, 2013 1:10 PM

Dear Families,

What a big weekend!  I hope everyone got lots of rest and family time.

Thanks to everyone who turned out for our Stone Soup lunch.  The kids were so proud!  There is something about preparing food and feeding people that is so empowering.  (That must be why I love Thanksgiving.) I know that children see themselves differently after the Stone Soup  experience.  Doing all of those grown-up things (cutting, washing, serving, carrying hot soup, moving tables and chairs) is just part of it.  The importance of doing your individual part for the benefit of all is a powerful message at any age.

This Week

We will learn about another “celebration of light,” Hanukkah.  Thanks in advance to Michael Simon and Michael Latz, who will be in class on Tuesday morning to share some stories with us.  


We are working on facts to ten, close to ten and doubles and near-doubles facts.  As we develop automaticity with those, we really become fluent in all of the adding and subtracting facts!  Although we are all exploring place value, second graders are zooming in on ways to add and subtract with bigger numbers.  We are playing lots of games that give us a context and a purpose for learning those facts- the new one next week is BAM!

At home, playing any card game to help your child take turns, hold the cards, and develop the ability to hold two things in mind at once is very helpful.  Also, keep talking about ways you use math everyday!


We will start our “electricity” science unit on Thursday.  This is always a really big day!  We will learn about circuits, switches, light bulbs and buzzers.  So fun, and so powerful. (no pun intended.)

The Light Project

I’ll be sending the directions for our Light Project later this week so that you can start thinking about it.  The project will be part of our “Light Fair” at the end of the “Let it Shine” study in January.  

His Majesty


His majesty the king of spelling, Vic Nelson, corrects the tests every Friday, records the scores, and gets them to your BEE books! Thanks Vic!  Kristin


Spelling Words





















Homework Ideas


Look for a home project coming soon.  Be thinking about light, all of its aspects, and all of its uses.  

*Make your spelling words look like they are shining.  You can use special crayons or paint, or draw “glow lines.”

*Play dreidel with a family member (dreidels and directions will come home this week.)

*Help around the house!  

*Make a list of everything in your house that uses electricity.  I bet it will be a long, long list!

*Play a card game.  Old maid, go fish, or any family favorite!

*Bring warm clothes for recess- it’s cold out there, and kids are out for thirty minutes.  Practice getting dressed fast, like a fire fighter.


*Do your own thing