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12/1/2014 Newsletter and Homework
Tuesday, December 2, 2014 10:00 AM

Dear Families,

Our short week of looking at how numbers and writing were created was fascinating!  It was cool to see kids dive in to writing numbers from all over the world, and see their blooming realization that the numbers they know are not the only kind that exist!  We also had our first handwriting time with Dawn’s class.  I’ll be working with the second graders, and Dawn with the first graders, fifteen minutes a day, right after quiet time.  Becoming fluent with printing, learning the most efficient way to form letters, and getting extra practice with lowercase letters is empowering for our young writers.  As we practice writing smoothly and quickly, we are freed to express  thoughts and feelings- that’s what writing is all about!  

This Week

We will look at a food that is eaten all over the world, in many different forms- bread!  Whether it’s a crusty loaf, a tortilla, an aebleskiver  or na’an, some kind of bread is at the center of the table in many, many cultures.  We will bake different kinds of breads (gluten free too, of course, so that we all can try some).

In Math

We will collaborate with Dawn’s class to create a “play store” where we practice selling, buying, making change, keeping accounts and marketing.  Our “Southside Market” will need teamwork, cooperation and money skills!  Continue to practice counting by ones, fives, tens and 25s at home!

The Factory

On December 18, in the Main Hallway, we will set up Barton Hula Hoop Works!  We will experience the teamwork required for assembly-line work as we make over 50 high-quality hula-hoops.  Students will get paychecks at the end of their “shift” and exchange their paychecks for a hula hoop to take home and keep.  

As you can imagine, the factory takes a lot of volunteer parent help.  If you can give us a couple hours in the morning (7:30-9:45) on December 18, you are hired!  Send an email or a note and let me know.




Spelling Words

*Read for pleasure or practice. 
Bring some “just right” books home 
from school!
*Try DEAR (drop everything and 
read) time at home! The rule is, 
everyone must stop what they 
are doing and read for about 15 
*Bake some bread, pancakes, 
tortillas, etc. What is your 
favorite way to eat bread?
* It’s not too late- Bring a soup 
recipe you like at your house!
*Practice spelling- write the words 
in flour with your finger!
*Look up bread recipes and find 
some spelling words in there.
*Make a sandwich! Write a “how 
to” about it.
*Do your own thing.
*Did you know you can make a 
really nice clay out of white bread? 
(it’s actually one of the reasons I 
gave up gluten!) Try this recipe!
*Practice working with money. 
Count coins, add coins that are 
the same and different, practice 
making change!
Homework Ideas