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12/8/2014 Newsletter and Homework
Tuesday, December 9, 2014 10:00 AM

Dear Families,

Two big weeks to go until winter break!  We have had calm, busy days, getting our play store going at math time, and learning about different kinds of bread in the afternoon.  We finally launched Handwriting Without Tears, and what a gift!  My second graders are earnestly going after beautifully formed lowercase letters.  The first graders are patiently reviewing the most efficient moves for making their capitals- all as patient and interested as can be.  This is a golden time of year, when things really come together and students begin to feel their powers as independent learners.  


Next Week

We continue with Marketplace Math.  Stores have been created, inventory produced and tallied. Our next step is to price our items, and figure out how to market our products.  Our literacy time will focus on our Markets too, We will learn about advertising and how people get their messages out.  We will think about the difference between “wants and needs” and start to write books about our own wants and needs.  

The Project

This unit of study ends with a project that is done at home and presented at school.  Each child will think of something he or she is interested in and teach the class how it is made.  Watch for complete directions and a project timetable coming home this week.


News Flash:

Hula Hoop Factory in Danger

Of Shut Down!

Dawn and I talked this morning and realized that between the two of us we had only heard from 2 potential volunteers for the Barton Hula Hoop Works on December 18.  We need 15-20 parents between 7:45 and 9:45 to make it all work.  We are waiting to order the materials until we know it’s a go.  If you can help, please let one of us know before 2:00 on Tuesday.  If volunteers aren’t available, we understand, and will make a simpler plan.  


Office Short-Staffed

Our Katy is out sick until after the new year. This means that Brittany’s work is doubled, and she is dealing with a brand new to-do list.  It would help a lot if parents could avoid non-essential requests for bus passes.


2nd Grade Advanced Learner Test

The Cogat will be given to 102 and 104 second graders on Thursday.  If you don’t want your child to take the Cogat, please let me know.

  Thanks, Kristin





Spelling Words
























Homework Ideas

*Read for pleasure or practice.  Don’t forget a “just right” book from school.


*Have DEAR time at home (Drop Everything And Read)

* Last call for recipes! Send them in this week in any form  


*Do your own thing.


* Go to a store. Notice how the store is set up. Pay attention to the signs around the store. What makes it easy to shop?


* Look at an advertisement on tv, in print or on the internet. Is it telling the truth? Is it honest? Why or why not?


* Do a good deed for someone else.


*As a family, make a list of your wants and needs. Talk about saving money and figure out what it will take to get the things you need.


*The Barton Food and Clothing Drive is extended!  Share!