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12/9/2013 Newsletter and Homework
Tuesday, December 10, 2013 11:00 AM

Dear Families,

The days are getting shorter and the sun is lower in the sky.  As our whole state adjusts itself to the realities of the coming winter, our class has been readjusting too.  This week we took a fresh look at our hopes and dreams and thought about our rules together.  

It was a wonderful moment when we were getting ready to sing a greeting called “hello neighbor.” A lyric we like to play with is “It’s gonna be a happy day.”  As the class thought of what kind of day we were resolved to have, the words “peaceful, thoughtful, and joyful” were repeated over and over.  That’s wisdom.  We’ll keep those thoughts in the forefront as we navigate the weeks ahead.  

It can be a hard time in school- kids might be excited about the snow and coming holidays.  They can also be anxious about the shapes of their days when school is out.

We’ll take extra time for fun, and also for focusing on our purpose in school.

Last Week

We heard some powerful stories of purpose, hope, perseverance and respect as we explored some Hanukkah traditions.  We thought about our own special powers.  It’s important, even for 6-9 year old children, to think about who they are, who they want to be, and where they came from.  We wrote “I am” poems that are just beautiful.

This Week

We will focus on several European Solstice traditions.  These emphasize the concept of service and showing “goodwill” toward our neighbors.  The universal tradition of doing service as part of winter celebrations can soften the emotional blow of shorter days and colder weather. Service work reassures us that the sun going away is temporary and that our inner light keeps shining.  

On Friday, we could use a volunteer to help with baking cat-eye buns for Santa Lucia Day.  We want to have some to try and also some to share with teachers in the school. Let me know if you can help!

Thanks for your support,


PS- We need some snacks for now, but we are hoping to implement a fruit and veggie snack program coming soon. Look for more info coming from Katy Rozin!





Spelling Words






















*Make a birdfeeder to help feathered friends in the cold.

*Bring some food to a foodshelf.

*Serve your parents breakfast in bed!

*Write your spelling words in the snow.  You can use a stick or a squirt bottle with a little food coloring in it.

*Tally something like birds you see, decorated houses, or cookies you bake.

* Look up sunset and sunrise times on the internet.  
What do you notice?

*Read for pleasure.

*Do your own thing.

*Play a card or board game.


*Choose a light project!