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1/07/11 Family Letter
Sunday, January 23, 2011 8:20 PM


Hi all,

We are back at it - feels like we haven't even been away (by today).

Reading: I "celebrated" the new year by buying sets of all new books
during break so we'd have a new year and new books.  So far they've
really been enjoying the selections.  The weekend homework is to be sure
everyone is at least half through their book by Monday.  Lots of kids
are already on their second title, but please check in with your child
and help them plan time to catch up to where I'd like them to be if needed.

Word Work:  We started our US History work with the first list of the
year being 25 state names.

Morning Earth poetry:  We enjoyed our winter wonderland by writing
observational poetry. 

US History:  This week was a bit of US geography as well as reading
about how the first people came here by migrating over a land bridge
from Siberia.  If you are interested as a family there is a tutorial
site that accompanies our curriculum which has a little computer quiz
for each chapter. Here is the site:

The site isn't "jazzy" at all - but does help you cover the big ideas
together if you wish.

We also started  learning about Native American origin stories and will
continue with this next week as well.

The week to come:

Reading:  We will continue with our "new book" selections, but at least
3 days of the week I will have to assign reading as homework because of
swimming taking our morning worktime.

Swimming:  Please remember to have your child prepared for the Y on
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  We are actually scheduled to swim
Friday as well, but I may try and postpone this extra day until later in
March with our next round of swimming because of the school Spelling Bee
on Friday. I'll keep the kids informed on how this works out.

The Spelling Bee contestants for the whole school are not yet determined
- I will know next week if anyone from our room qualifies.  Stay tuned.

US History:  We will look at Native American cultural regions in the US
and see how  the environmental factors of where they settled promoted
cultural diversity among  Native American groups.

Word Work:  This will connect with the Native American Cultural Regions

Persistence and Creativity homework project sheets:  Please have your
child return the reporting sheet to me by next Friday, Jan 14.  We've
enjoyed treats this week from some of the children who chose to learn a
baking skill.  Thanks!

Thank you for sending in hot chocolate mix for the class to share.  We
will continue to have hot chocolate on cold winter days until we run out.

Monday, Jan. 24th and Friday, Feb. 18th are set aside as school
conference days.  We will review our goal setting sheets and make plans
for growth for the remainder of the year.   Please think about your
schedules for these two days and I will soon send sign-up possibilities.
I will provide times after school and a bit later on some Tuesday and
Thursdays as well.

We will also have a family portfolio sharing morning in later Jan. so
your child can share work they feel showcases their hard efforts with
you in person.  

Enjoy a wonder-filled weekend.


Kathy Scoggin
Barton Open School

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is
the source of all true art and science."
- Albert Einstein