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1/11/16 Newsletter
Sunday, January 10, 2016 8:55 PM

Kristin’s Class Newsletter

Clara Barton Open School    January 11, 2016     612-695-5410


Dear Families,

I have stayed inside most of this snappy, cold weekend (but two of my boys are at the Vikings game and one son is cross country skiing.) This seems like a good time to mention that we have outdoor recess unless the temperature is below zero, and students are expected to be prepared to stay out at recess- scarves or face masks, snowpants and boots are a must.  Just because the Vikings are playing with bare arms, doesn’t mean it is smart or safe at recess, but I bet some kids will try it tomorrow! 

When Should I Keep my Child Home?

This is a recent FAQ via emails, so I thought I’d address it here.  Of course, we want students in school!  Things just don’t seem right when we are not all together, and the time missed at school can’t really be made up.  If your child does have a fever, is throwing up, diarrhea, or cold/upper respiratory symptoms that are contagious or hard to manage, of course, keep at home. Stay home after for 24 hours after the last fever or throw-up. The problem comes when kids feel a little off, and want to stay home.  When sickness is going around, kids are suggestible and may want to stay home because they worry that they are sick, even though they have no fever or other symptoms mentioned above.  It’s a good idea to let your child know that sick kids need lots of rest and must stay in bed with no tv or electronics, and then stick to it. Don’t do lots of special service or let the child get up and play.  Sick kids are happy to rest.  If you are pretty sure your child is not sick, or has a little cough or cold that can be managed with Kleenex and cough drops, send to school!  It is very rare that children aren’t really, really happy once they settle in to school.


Students may bring projects to school either Monday or Tuesday to share with classmates.  This is the first time for some of us, and we are all so excited to find out how everyone let their lights shine! We have seen three so far- they are all different and all three students were proud to present. If you can’t bring your project until Wednesday, let me know; Wednesday will work just fine too.  The Light Fair is Thursday morning, from 7:45-8:45 in rooms 102 and 104.  All are welcome!

Two Short Weeks

Kids don’t have school Friday, Monday or Tuesday.  Friday is a “record keeping day.”  Dawn and I will work on student portfolios and plan the next unit.  Monday is Dr. King’s birthday- a day off!  In my family, we do some service or educational work.  Tuesday is a professional development day.  Dawn and I will be visiting Valley Crossing in Woodbury to see their readers’ and math workshops. We won’t be sending homework or spelling words until January 25, when we launch our new unit of study, Shape Up!

Thanks!  Kristin