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1/14/11 Family Letter
Sunday, January 23, 2011 8:25 PM


Greetings all,

The week that was:

This week was consumed by swimming and our History work around Native
American Cultural groups.  Ask what the seven cultural groups are, ask
about some artifacts archeologists have found that helped them learn
about early ways of life, and ask why it's not OK to stereotype Native
Americans as horse riding, teepee living, buffalo hunting people.

In addition, we were proud to have Max as our 204 representative to the
spelling bee today.  Kudos to him for his efforts.

We are also proud to have been notified that a poem by Ibby (her Water
Ode from our fall studies) is being published in a poetry anthology by
Creative Communications.

We enjoyed more great treats as a result of persistence and creativity
in cooking and/or baking by 204 students.

The week to come:

Word Work:  The list will help them learn to spell the remaining 25
states - and learn a bit about them.

Reading:  They should all have their New Year/ New Books completed by
their return to school on Tuesday.  Their groups will work together
during the week to process the big ideas of the book.

US History:  They will learn about some of the early European explorers
- what motivated them to strike out in search of new lands and what
impacts on history their explorations caused.  

We have a lot of things coming up soon - no dull winter months here at

Winter conferences time starts soon - you will find the
goal-setting/review conference request form attached to this e-mail. 
Please let me know about your time requests ASAP.

1/31  CLIMB Theater presentation on bullying
2/4 Earth Adventures program (at Barton)  - about geology
2/7 Physics Circus program at Convention Center
2/10  Historical Perspectives play (at Barton) "Helen Keller"
2/11  "Mean" play at Youth Performance Company/Howard Conn Theater
2/16  Zydeco Music presentation at the Ordway

Also, throughout the month of Feb. the Middles Team will be working on
the issue of bullying through theater, reading, and in class sessions
with an artist.

PALA - the physical fitness challenge for kids - starts soon.  Pete will
come in and give them their materials and a pep talk next week.

Permission slips will be coming home soon for the activities which
require them.  You'll find several activities on each slip to minimize
the paper.

One thing to check - after school on Friday I learned of head lice in
204 - you should probably do a head check . . .

Enjoy and appreciate a wonder-filled 3 day weekend.  You'll probably get
to shovel more snow.


Kathy Scoggin
Barton Open School

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.  It is
the source of all true art and science."
- Albert Einstein