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1/18/16 Newsletter
Tuesday, January 19, 2016 8:00 PM

Dear Families,

Our Light Fair was a big hit!  Thanks to all of the families who took the time to come and see all of the projects. The projects covered such a wide range of interests, and went from very simple to quite complex.  They all reflected the sincere interest of the maker.  Afterward, we shared at our morning meeting about what was hard about the Light Fair, and what was great.  Common themes:  it was hard to have so many people in the room with us: kind of scary.  It was also hard to keep explaining the same thing, over and over.  What was great?  Everything else!  The students loved sharing their interests, and loved having avid listeners.    What a gift to give your time and attention to your children and their classmates!

It was also great to have Betsy, Aevyn’s mom, pack up the projects and get them ready to send home.  Thanks, Betsy!

This Week

We have just three days and will spend it reflecting on our learning during Let It Shine.  We’ll complete some items for the portfolios, and get ready for conferences with a few simple assessments.

Dr. King’s Birthday

We have read about Dr. King, learned a song, and talked about his message.  We did some art that features his “big words,” like peace, love, protest, together…”  The quote that resonates with me today is, “I have decided to stick with love.  Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Young children can have very  big feelings- sometimes too big to handle.  It is wise to give children time and space to handle these feelings on their own, but it is also important to give them tools and some help when needed.  It’s just too lonely and hard to be mad and sad all of the time- too big of a burden to bear. 

We are lucky to have so many tools at hand to help us examine and regulate our feelings.  The Zones of Regulation, Mind Up, Responsive Classroom strategies, and Collaborative Problem Solving are in the forefront as we plan our next unit of study.  When we approach our problems with love, we are living Dr. King’s dream.   

Thanks,  Kristin