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1/22/2013 Newsletter
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 12:15 PM

Dear Families,
Thanks for the wonderful turn-out at out our Demonstration Celebration.  Every student was in class that day, and each researcher got lots of visits and lots of comments.  I appreciate all that went into the projects, and all that the students learned from them.  Thanks for continuing to support this important “open school” tradition.
I’m also happy to say that 15 students had their conferences.  I love to check in with students and families, share progress and set new goals!  If you haven’t had yours yet, watch for a new sign up sheet coming soon.  

A World of Beauty

Our new unit starts Tuesday!  We will look at geography through the lens of the arts.  Our key questions are
*What is art?
*How do people around the world made art?
*Why do people make art?
We will take a very hands-on approach, and whenever possible use art as a pathway to other areas.  We’ll start the study with a look at art in general, and think about all of the different ways people make art.  

Camps are Coming

On January 28 rooms 102 and 104 will be dividing into several small learning groups called “CAMPS.”  These groups will target specific learning needs in a fun, active way, and will be run by teachers, student teachers and parent volunteers.  A smooth start depends on students being in the room, ready to learn, at 7:30!  Camps will happen every morning for a while, and will change every week, so that students will have chances to be in several camps.   Interested in volunteering?  Send an email or give me a call.

End of the Day

Thanks for signing in at the office when you visit and volunteer!  To alleviate an end of the day sing-in-traffic jam, I’m going to be walking “pick-up” kids out to the flagpole to meet family members outside.  I’m looking forward to the daily fresh air break!.  I think kids will feel empowered by getting ready without parent help, don’t you?

We need

*about 30 egg cartons
*magazines to cut up
*shoe boxes

Thanks!  Kristin