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1/9/17 Newsletter & Homework

Kristin’s and Dawn’s Class Newsletter

January 9, 2017  Clara Barton Open School



Dear Families,

Great news!  We have leftover hula hoops.  We thought we could sell them for $10.00 each to pay for the supplies from our hula hoop factory.  If you want one (or some) ask your teacher!

Pencil Store

Thanks to Mary Scavatto, who helped out with the pencil store last Wednesday.  We’ll need help every Wednesday, so if you are available and want to see some great salespeople in action, come on over.

Creation Station

We’ve started to build a collection of items for tinkering, making, creating and inventing.  Thanks for the items you have sent so far.  We could use lots of things that might be wheels next week- big buttons, spools, etc.  We are going to try a vehicle building challenge!

Also- lots and lots more paper towel and toilet paper tubes would be great. We know you all have those!

The Project

We will have kids start sharing projects with their classmates on Monday, January 23.  We like to have this be just for the class- presenting to parents- even your own, can add a whole layer of anxiety that our students can do without.  On Thursday, January 26, from 7:45-8:45 we will have our Market Fair, where all the projects will be on display, museum style.  The students will sit with the projects and explain them to visitors.  We hope you can all come and celebrate the end of “To Market, To Market” with us.


We will have 20- minute conferences all day on Friday, January 27.  Please make a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice of times on the schedule in your BEE book, or just sign up on the master outside your classroom door.  To help our conference conversations, we’ll send a “midwinter check-in” ahead of time. 

Fast Test

Tuesday, January 10:30 we will have our first “FAST test.  This will replace the MAP tests at Barton. They are 30 minutes for both reading and math, instead of an hour-plus for each.  Thanks to Cindy and Diane for advocating for this more helpful and humane experience for kids at Barton.

Coming Up

January 16- MLK Birthday no school

January 23-Project Due

January 26- Market Fair

January 27- Conferences-no school

January 30- Teacher PD- no school

February 17- no school

February 20- no school

Spelling Words

























Homework Ideas

*Get busy on that project! 


*What kinds of transportation do use this week?  Bus? Train? Car? Bike? Make a list.


*Do you have transportation toys at home, like cars, trucks or trains?  Get them out and play around.


*Look at food in your cupboard and clothes in your closet.  Check the labels.  Where did your stuff come from?  Look at the countries on a map or globe.  What kind of transporation was needed to get things from their country  of origin to you?


*Read for pleasure and practice.


*Do your own thing!


*Look at the handwriting guide in your BEE book.  Practice the letters and numbers. 


*Count the planes, trains, trucks and cars that you see.  Make a tally or a graph.