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Leadership Council Statements for 2009-10 School Year




       The Barton Leadership Council, consisting of parents, staff, and student representatives from the Student Council, is the primary governing body for the school.  The Council is responsible for setting school policy, identifying yearly goal areas, monitoring school improvement plans, encouraging broad participation from all members of the school community, and guiding overall staffing and program decisions.

       Parent representatives to the Leadership Council need to be endorsed by 50 or more votes from the adult members of the Barton School Community.  Each adult in a family may vote for up to 10 candidates, but only one vote per individual candidate.

      When making a decision about which candidate to endorse, please keep in mind that it is our desire to have parent representatives to the Council who reflect our diverse student body.  Ideally, we seek a mix of sexes, races, and parents of younger and older children.  When more perspectives are included in our decision making, the better our ability is to make good decisions for all of our children.



NO LATER THAN Thursday, MAY 28, 2009.



I currently have three children at Barton:  Bella, grade 1; Nate, grade 4; and (the boy) Page, grade 6.  As a member of the Leadership Council, I've enjoyed getting to know parents and learning about how Barton, and the school district, works.  While this year has been challenging, I've been proud to be an advocate for open education and the great work of our students and teachers.  As a member of the Council and as a volunteer Sonday reading tutor, I support efforts to help each child reach his or her potential, whatever their starting point may be. I look forward to serving on the Council once again, and helping to support and preserve Barton's tradition of progressive and effective education.



I am deeply committed to Open Education.  As we have had to work to define what it is that makes us “Open” and why it is important to continue on as the strong program we are, I have felt rejuvenated by this commitment on the council and in the administration.  I would like to continue to support this strong Open program that we have, continuing to always look at how we can strengthen it and make it even better and more “open”.  I have three children at Barton.



This will be my son’s final year at Barton, and it’s been a great experience for him and rewarding for me as a parent to be part of the Barton Open Community.  I’d appreciate your continued support for my work on the Leadership Council, as it is closely aligned to the larger role I also contribute as a parent leader in the district, where I serve on several committees.  What began as a personal mission 7 years ago to connect parents together better with school-wide activities like the Back to School pot luck has become a much larger community building exercise over the last several months for our Council.  We can be proud of our kids, our fantastic staff, our dedicated parents, our courageous leader, and our Minnesota Teacher of the Year.  We have done our best work this year, all of us.



I am now the parent of a 7th grader here at Barton (and a H.S. Freshman).  This past year was my fourth on the council, and certainly the most involved.  Throughout the entire district restructuring planning process I have been so impressed with our council--with its level of collaboration and engagement in supporting the Barton community, and most especially the Barton students.  Parents can be proud of the positive work their council did this year.  I look forward to working with this great group of teachers and parents for my final year on the council.



I am the parent of boys in the fifth and seventh grades, and I’m finishing up my seventh year on the Leadership Council. I serve as treasurer of the Council and of the Barton School Foundation, which involves managing the money we raise through our fundraisers, helping the Council to plan its annual budget for those funds, and keeping the Council informed about its financial position. Our boys have received an excellent education at Barton, but the Council is always looking for ways the school can improve for all its students, and I’m happy to be part of that work.



Hi.  I am a Barton parent of a 1st grader and Kindergartner who is coming next fall.  I have participated on the Barton Leadership Council since last year.  I would like to be part of the Leadership Council next year.  As a parent, it is an honor to participate on the council.  I am leading an effort to increase Somali student academic performance at Barton though the increased involvement and empowerment of Somali parents and their access to resources and support.  I hope that Barton remains in its location.  I also hope that Barton continues to have quality and a strong community forever.



I am the parent of Barton 2nd and 4th graders as well as an incoming Kindergartner.  I have been a member of the leadership council for the last few years and have really enjoyed working with such a dedicated group of people.  It has been particularly gratifying as we have worked with the district on the Changing School Options process to see all of the different talents on the leadership council shine through and to contribute where I could.  Going through this process has really affirmed and deepened my passion for open education and Barton School.  I would very much like to continue to work with this wonderful group of people next year.  In addition to being on the council, I am on the board of the Barton Open Foundation that administers the school’s fundraising dollars.  I also volunteer regularly in the classroom.

In addition to asking for your endorsement, I would like to invite all members of the Barton community to join us at future leadership meetings.  I think you will find the group very welcoming.



From the moment we got the letter telling us we got our first choice school, I knew I wanted to be one of those parents who is active at her children's school, the well- respected Clara Barton Open School.  Even before school started, I contacted a member of the Leadership Council to say that I would be glad to help at the 2008-2009 potluck picnic, and had the same enthusiasm when I volunteered to get silent auction items for the bazaar, and to help that night.

I would be deeply honored to be part of the Barton Leadership Council and would be proud to represent & work hard for all Barton stands for; that each child is unique, that the teaching is personalized, that a love of learning is fostered everyday, the curriculum encourages critical thinking, arts and social skills (to name a few), and last but not least that I too am a person who strives to always be respectful of others.

When I read the comments on-line Why I Chose Barton Open School..., I could really feel everyone's passion for Barton come through. I will strive to bring that same passion to the Leadership Council if given the opportunity, and to fight for Barton through these uncertain, district changing times.



Kate Krueger, parent of a Kindergartner in Gloria's room, County Social Worker by day



Hello.  I currently have a 4th grader and a 2nd grader at Barton. I also have a 4 year old and I am expecting another child very soon, so my involvement in Barton will definitely be long-standing!


Since the fall of 2002, I have worked as an English instructor through the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system. My work in higher education has made me keenly aware of the need to nurture life-long learning, a respect for others, and critical thinking in students, and I think Barton Open School works hard to do just that. Therefore, I would like to become part of the Leadership Council so that I can be more directly involved in maintaining, nurturing, and supporting the unique academic environment of Barton.


I have also been impressed with the Leadership Council's response to the Changing School Options situation. I have been inspired by the calm, focused approach they've taken, and I would like to be part of the hard work they are doing on behalf of this school community. Thank you very much.



My interest in being part of the Barton Leadership Council is to help continue the success story of the school. I have a daughter at Barton now and have had three other children go through the program starting in 1992. That's 17 years of calling Barton "our school." It's a great place to have children learn and grow and I think it's very important to continue its excellence. Having such a long involvement gives me a wide perspective on the changes that have occurred and the direction Barton is going. There have been changes, to be sure, and will continue to change with pressures from inside and outside. This time looks to be very critical in Barton's Open School history and there needs to be tough decisions made and strong advocacy done. My beliefs are that Barton needs to serve a broad spectrum of children and address their own educational abilities and needs.  The open program, being K through 8, is strongly suited to achieving this. I would also like to see Barton add some emphasis on history, grammar and penmanship. I will work to continue and escalate the success of Barton. Thank you!



I have three children at Barton - in 5th, 3rd and 1st grades.  I have really enjoyed serving on the Leadership Council this year and would like to continue.  I believe strongly in Barton's open philosophy - its emphasis on problem-solving and original work, its intention to teach to every child, and its active and creative atmosphere.  The Responsive Classroom techniques that I see in my children's classrooms create an environment where children learn to work together and get along with each other.  Barton encourages students to do their best work, and to work well together.  I want to work with Barton parents and staff to support this great work.  Thank you.



Hi! My name is Nettie Posey. I have 2 children at Barton. Noah is in the 7th grade and Selena is in 3rd. Starting when Noah was in kindergarten with Kate Glasenapp’s class I have loved volunteering at the school.  Presently, I am tutoring 2 Somali children in reading. I have worked for Minneapolis Public Schools as an Educational assistant, a reserve teacher and a Community Educator. Especially after being acquainted with many schools I have a deep appreciation for the Barton community. I believe Barton is a lively, progressive and comfortable learning environment because of the commitment and outstanding work of the teachers, leadership, staff and parents. I am grateful to be able to observe the growth and changes in these children who have the opportunity to learn with a holistic approach and come to be inspired by each other and the school community.


My name is Steve Richter. I am the father of Haley who is a graduating eighth grader and Amelia a third grader. This is my eighth year on the council, and it has been quite an interesting one. I continue to be proud of the work the council does year after year, but this year especially. I am currently the chairman of the Barton School Foundation and head of the green team. I would love an opportunity to continue these duties, as well as be a part of whatever challenges lie ahead.



I’m a Barton mom of eleven years.  I am privileged to have served on the Leadership Council for seven of those years.  This involvement has helped me focus my volunteer activities by understanding the key needs of our open learning community.  I would like to continue my participation on the Leadership Council in a transition role as I extend my volunteerism to the classroom and to the South High School community.



I would like the opportunity to serve the Barton Open School community and be a representative on the Barton Leadership Council.  My oldest son, Nathan, will be going into 3rd grade next year and my younger son will be a Barton student in 2 years.  I have had the privilege of volunteering in Nathan’s Kindergarten and first grade classroom and have volunteered and/or participated in many events in the past 3 years as a Barton parent.  These opportunities have provided me with a strong sense of what it means to belong to the Barton community.   I believe that Barton Open School provides our children not only with the academic skills necessary to succeed, but also the life skills needed to become positive influences in society.  The utilization of responsive classroom to create a community of mutual respect, the emphasis on our students as active learners and the commitment to reducing the negative impact on the environment will carry forward with our children throughout their lives.  I am committed to Barton and the open school philosophy that accommodates our children as individual learners and is successful by the Minneapolis School District standards.  I am excited about the possibility of participating in the continuing success of Barton on the Leadership Council.


With my daughter approaching third grade, I continue to be so grateful for this community -- the amazing kids, teachers, parents and staff.  All of us make up a remarkable and extraordinary learning environment.  I have been privileged to serve on Barton's Leadership Council for two years, and would like to continue to do so.  I bring to the Council a passion for our school and its practices; critical thinking and the ability to ask good questions; and the time and energy to get the work done.  When I am not parenting or wearing numerous other hats, I work as a clinical social worker with a private psychotherapy practice.