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209 Classroom News 10/23/15
Sunday, October 25, 2015 11:20 AM


Reflection Cards did not come home today – unfortunately after spending time carefully reflecting last night I left them at my home!  Students will bring them home Monday. 

Wednesday Math – Homework is due October 28.

Spelling – Our next spelling test will be November 5. 

Reading – Students should be using the yellow October calendar to track their reading for the month.  30 minutes for 3rd graders and 40 minutes for 4th graders. 

Math Facts – Students keep practicing the basic math facts for our Tuesday Timings! 

Math – Students have been working hard on a Data Project by creating a questions, surveying their peers and organizing the data.  We will finish this project next week. 

Hallway Math: This week marked our first Hallway Math session of the year!  Students worked in small groups to solve problems.  This week all the groups worked through the same activity and will finish it next week.  Thank you to Jason (Liv’s Dad) and Michelle (Will’s Mom) for making this possible!

Reading – Students have been having some independent reading time this week.  Students have also been reading “Monkey See, Money Zoo” as a class and doing interactive reading activities.   

Magic Tree House Reading Book Club – Students were assigned their project topics!  They started reading the fiction book from the Magic Tree House series to engage in their topic.  

Word Work (Spelling) – Students worked with their spelling words daily in class doing different activities to engage in their spelling words.  Thank you to Karma (Carter’s Mom) and Virgil (Otto’s Dad) for giving the spelling tests on Thursday mornings!

Writing – Students are working on writing in their writing journals and developing ideas for a personal narrative writing.      

Time For Kids – This weeks Time For Kids article and activity featured Sharks.  Ask your student what they learned about sharks this week, many had time to do extend research on the topic.    Students are able to work on this in small groups thanks to our volunteers, Anjula (Otto’s Mom), Katy (Soleil’s Mom) and Tami (Sohpia’s Mom).
Friday Physics – This week we continued exploring the concept of gravity by watching Bill Nye the Science Guy – Gravity.  Students followed along and took note about important concepts of gravity.   

Stamp Club – Students learned about researching and presenting during stamp club!  Studnets were able to use technology and books to research a stamp if they were ready.  If not, they had time to continue looking for a stamp that looked interesting to them and they may want to research.   

Gibbs Farm – Wednesday we had a wonderful day at Gibbs Farm.  Students were engaged in activities and discussion about what live was like for Jane Gibbs as she settled here in Minnesota.  It was very interesting to learn about life so many years ago.  Students should have brought home a candle that they made.  One highlight of the trip was the school house form many years ago.  Students had time, in class, to reflect on how different school is now.  Big thank you to our volunteers that were able to come with us, Michelle (Will’s Mom), Jason (Liv’s Dad), Melissa (Sylvia’s Mom) and Gricel (Mason’s Mom). 

Interim Assessments – Next Wednesday marks the end of the first quarter.   As each quarter ends the district requires us, to complete the district interim assessment.  These assessments are based on the curriculum that the district tells us to teach for the first quarter.  At Barton we do not do the curriculum in order since we have 2 grades in one room.  Therefore, students may be assessed on curriculum that has not been taught yet.  I’ve encouraged students to use this as a ‘pre assessment’ for the topics that we haven’t covered yet.  My understanding is that our leadership at Barton is working hard to convince the district that we don’t necessarily need this specific assessment at the given time.  This week students did the reading assessment and next week students will do the math assessment. 

Please call, email, send a note or drop by with any questions you may have. 

Lauren Miller

Dates To Remember:
October 29 & 30 No School (Teacher Professional Development & Record Keeping)
November 17, 18, 19 & 20 Swimming Field Trip! (More information will come home Friday, November 6)
November 25, 26, 27 No School (Thanksgiving Break)

Classroom Needs:
Clorox Wipes