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211 News 9/12/2014
Friday, September 12, 2014 9:55 AM

Wow! What a week. We (finally) launched Moon Journals, initiated 30 new kids into Stamp Club and had our first Friday Architect Meeting.


Stamp Club: A group of 4 fourth graders gave an introductory presentation about Stamp Club. Each Thursday 209 and 211 will meet from 9:00 to 10:10 to collect stamps. In the process kids become intrigued about certain stamps and end up researching that topic. The end result is a presentation given to their peers. Kids can work alone or in small groups on this research. The expectation is that in addition to starting a stamp collection each third grader will do a minimum of one presentation and each fourth grader will do a minimum of two presentations. A letter was sent home earlier this week in homework folders. Dues for Stamp Club are $3.00 for new members and $1.50 for returning members.

Friday Architects: Excitement filled the air as room 211 went down the hall to room 209. It was time for our first architect meeting.

Partnerships for the day were formed. Ask your child who was there partner and what building graced the cover of their new notebook? Four important vocabulary words were discussed: architect, architecture, design and structure. We then worked on the first concept for the unit: form and function. The task was to draw for two points of view a spoon and then list several functions for a spoon!

Reading Calendars: Please do a check of the reading calendars and see how the recording of minutes read is going.

In the News: Both on Thursday and Friday we had a brief discussion via In the News about 9/11. We then read the book The Man Who Walked Between the Towers. The true story of Philippe Petit who, on Aug. 7, 1974, walked between the twin towers in New York City!

The kids were amazed that it was a true story. Thanks to Jake, for reminding me of the story. He also has brought a DVD for us to watch. We will commence Wednesday Watchers on Wednesday. Each Wednesday during lunch we watch DVDs that kids have brought from home. They need to be G rated.

Fall Weather: As cooler temperatures take over it is important to dress appropriately for recess. We go out everyday for 30 minutes.

I do make available cough drops: Cherry Halls and Vitamin C drops for kids who may have scratchy throats. If you do not wish your child to have these please let them and me know!!

Vaseline is available for lips and lotion is here too if needed.

On occasion will like to have a piece of bubblegum while working. If you object to this please let me know.

Peanut Butter and Jelly: are available for weekend visits. I just need a note letting me know your family is interested.

Class Website: Thank you to Abby Poplawski, Greta’s mom, who has volunteered to keep our website up to date. I will have her post the newsletters there so you can refer back to them if necessary.

Important Dates to remember:

Picture day will be Tuesday, October 14 for those who did not have pictures taken at Get Connected Day.