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211 Newsletter -- 9/3/10
Friday, September 3, 2010 7:00 AM

First Week Reflections: What a first week. The class is melding together nicely. I already see the beginnings of friendships between the “new” third graders and the returning fourth graders. We had our first all school morning meeting this Friday. How grand it is to see ALL the students and teachers gathered in one spot. We are an impressive looking group. The teachers welcomed back all the students with a “dance!” It was not an impressive sight. Ask your child about it.

Your child will be bring home their first reflection card this week. Go over it with your child, sign it
and return it on Monday.
Thank you for helping me with this vehicle of communication.

The Newsletter: I do like to get information out to the families on a regular basis. E-mails will be sent as needed and I anticipate writing a newsletter every other week. Of course, your children should be having daily conversations with you about what is happening in the classroom. I would like to send as much as possible electronically, so send me a message with your e-mail address ASAP. The newsletter will also be posted on the website.

Time for Kids: Our first issue of Time for Kids is dated September 4, 2010. With the first issue of course comes the bill. I am still waiting for a few more folks to send in $6.00 to cover the cost of the yearly subscription for your child.

Please feel free to call, 612-668-7527, write a note, or e-mail me if you have questions, comments or concerns.


PDF 211 Newsletter   --  September 3, 2010