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2/08/16 Newsletter & Homework
Sunday, February 7, 2016 8:40 PM

Dear Families,

Our conference day is approaching and I am busy at work preparing a “midwinter check in” for every student so that you can have a look at where your student is with reading, writing and math in advance of the conference.  For many of you- the information I send will be plenty, and you won’t feel the need to sit down and chat- that option is perfectly acceptable.  I am glad to say that most Barton parents share questions and concerns all along the way, and don’t wait for the “official” day any way.  If you ARE having a conference on Friday, don’t forget to come early to look at your child’s portfolio.  Thanks to Betsy Brodie and Kristi Smith-Knutson for getting them together (along with lots of other helpers along the way.)

Valentine’s Party

We are all looking forward to our Valentine’s Celebration on Thursday.  We stopped sharing candy a few years ago, and here’s why:  Dawn and I noticed that students would rip open the cards, throw them aside, and eat up the candy!  With now candy, students carefully read each note, and enjoyed the friendly wishes that were given.  Please know that store-chosen and home-made cards are equally treasured, but should be small enough to fit into your child’s valentine bag to make it home safely.

100th Day!

We will be counting to 100 lots of ways this week!  According to our calculations, the 100th day is Tuesday.  Or Wednesday.  Either way, we are celebrating like only avid mathematicians can do- with 2 days of 100-themed “math-camps.” 

Chair Pockets

Thanks to everyone for the overwhelming response for our Chair Pocket fund!  The chair pockets have been ordered!


To Sampson and his dad, Nathaniel, who refurbished and restocked our sad fish tank, and made it into a lovely home for 7 beautiful new creatures! 

To Tobi and Dara, who supplied us with a new stapler and a big batch of hand-sanitizer

To Penelope and Kristi Smith-Knutson, who bought us a new pencil sharpener!

To Jerri Clark-Wagner, who does all of our parent-rep work, and manages the scholastic books.

To Vic and Angela Nelson, the king and queen of spelling!

To Molly Cooper, who keeps our website up to date!

To all of our weekly volunteers who help in all kinds of ways,

And all of the families who pitch in in big and little ways.  Many thanks to our generous classroom community- your kids are watching, feeling your support, and learning from your example.

It’s such an honor to be part of the Barton community.

Kristin’s Class Homework

February 8, 2016   You know what to do!  Be ready for homework sharing, a spelling test, and our valentine’s celebration on Thursday!


Spelling and Valentine List





























Homework Ideas

*Get your valentines ready to share on Thursday!  Do a few every night.

*Make some valentines for people not on the list- they love getting them.  Think about Jonas, Holly, Jennie, Karen, Brittany, Becky, Hanna, the big buddies, the specialists, Patsy, Dawn- etc.

*Bring a collection of 100 items to share at morning meeting any day this week..  It should fit in a zip-lock bag if it is loose items. 

*Read for pleasure or practice.  Don’t forget that Raz Kids is there for you! 

*Get a jar of change and sort it out.  Practice counting the coins by 1s, 5s, 10s and 25s.  Try counting a pile of mixed coins!

*Make an exercise routine in ten groups of ten- ten jumping jacks, 10 crunches, 10 marches, etc, for a total of 100 in all.  Check your heart beat before and after!

*Explain how 6 sided breathing can help you calm yourself and re-focus your thinking.  (We are doing this on Monday.)

*Do your own thing!

*Say “I love you” to a family member every single day.”