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2/18/2014 Newsletter and Homework
Thursday, February 20, 2014 10:40 AM

Dear Families,


The task of capturing “everything you need to know about how your child is doing in school” on two pages was enlightening and daunting.  There is really no way, but we gave it a good try. The process of completing a “midwinter check-in” helped Dawn and I solidify some goals and plans for each student, and we will need your help:


From time to time we run a series of “Camps” designed to target in on some student need.  The first set will be February 24- 28, from 7:35-8:05.  We will need a lot of parent help to pull it off.  You will be working with a small group for five days in a row.  If you are interested, please email and we will talk about specifics.  

Places We’ve Been

We’re doing a “places we’ve been project.”  Make time in the next two weeks to visit someplace special in the city.  It could be a famous place (like the Sculpture Garden) or a place that is special to your family (like a corner store.)  Take a picture or two of the place (or download if you need to), write a short description, and send them to school.  Your child will share about the place, and we will make a class brochure together.  

Pioneer Day

Wednesday we will unplug the room and play “pioneer school” all day.  Back in the olden days, students worked on slates with chalk, said “yes ma’am” and “yes sir” and ate their “dinner” at lunch time.  They did arithmetic, not math, and read from McGuffy’s reader.  It’s a great day for a long skirt or overalls, if you have them.  At the end of the day, we’ll think about the differences between “olden days” and “nowadays” and decide which we like better.


Our city tour is coming up.  If you have access to a cool place we should visit, or even some cool ideas, let us know! We would especially like to look down from a tall building.  

Thanks!  Kristin





Spelling Words

























Homework Ideas

*Prepare for pioneer day on Wednesday.  This is a good day to wear a long dress and sunbonnet if you have them!  Boys- how about some suspenders or overalls?


*Write your spelling words on a chalkboard, with chalk.


*Talk to grandparents or other elders about rules in school when they were children.  Were they the same or different?


*Visit a special place in the city with your family.  Take some pictures there and bring them to school.  It can be special to your family (like your favorite park, or a famous place (like the Foshay Tower.)  We will use the pictures to make a big class brochure.  


*Make a list of things in your house that were created with the help of a lumber mill.


*Use flour to make some bread, cookies or cake.  Did you know that flour comes from wheat that is grown right here in Minnesota?


*Make a list of chores that you can do.