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2/24/2014 Newsletter and Homework
Wednesday, February 26, 2014 11:45 AM

Dear Families,

I have to admit Friday’s snow day took me by surprise.  Number 6- that’s a new record.  

This week (assuming there is school every day) we will fast forward to “our city now.”  We will look at what a city needs, how buildings are made and how our city was formed along the river.

We will read an old favorite story, Roxaboxen. What are all the things you have seen in a town?  We will become city planners, and start to build a town of our own.  

Pioneer Day

Pioneer Day was great!  Most kids enjoyed the quiet, facing the front, and the corny games we played and the old fashioned songs we sung.  

It was super fun, but just for one day.  That kind of quiet gets burdensome after while.  Isn’t it fun to be in a school where hearing “Mrs. Sonquist” is a novelty?


A couple conferences were cancelled due to snow, and several of you have let me know that the midwinter check-in was sufficient for you.  I’ve sent a new conference sign-up so that we can give another try if you would like to have a conference.


This week and next we will be starting the day with some “camps”- small group math work that is targeted to meet the needs of each student in a fun way.  Thanks to Kelly Chapin, Marnie Peichel, Gricel Hartung, Sheila Eldred, Zoey Bros and Matt Smitt, who, with Dawn and I, will be the leaders of the camps. Make sure you ask your child about his or her camp today, and think about signing up to be a camp leader next week.  We’ll need a fresh batch!  Thanks, Kristin


Spelling Words





















Homework Ideas

*Look at some maps- find the legend, compass and other special features.

*Take a picture of yourself visiting a special place with your family.

*Make a map of your bedroom.  Don’t forget the legend and compass.

*Fill out and sign your City Tour permission slip.

*Play a card game or board game with a family member.  

*As you are driving around town, notice the skyline of Minneapolis. Bridges across 35W are excellent for this!  

*Do your own thing

*Read for pleasure and/or practice.

*Do some  “next steps at home” on your midwinter check in.