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2/29/16 Newsletter & Homework
Tuesday, March 1, 2016 7:30 AM

Dear Families,

This week and next we have the special opportunity to work with educators from the Science Museum of Minnesota.  The residency takes place on Tuesday through Friday, from 7:30-8:30, both weeks.  It would be great to have everyone start together- be at school on time! Thanks to Barton Parent Julie Tangeman for arranging this experience for us.

Five Senses

As we work with our science residency we will be paying special attention to our five senses.  We are having fun writing poems, and this will be a good way to explore our senses too. 

Reading Camps

We had such good luck with our morning math camps that we decided to have reading camps as well.  In Dawn’s room, students are studying the work of Patricia Polacco. They are working on visualizing the story, exploring juicy words, decoding longer words, and making connections to the story.  In my room, students are studying the work of Mem Fox.  We are exploring story patterns, doing choral reading, and finding the six syllable types embedded in the stories.  We have camps on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in the afternoon after Shape Up time.


Oh, the wild enthusiasm of children at work on projects of their own creation!  For the past few Fridays we made and shared projects with cardboard boxes and paper bags.  What problem solving, creativity and imagination!  Those projects went home last week. For the next few Fridays Dawn and I will be teaching some specific forms of projects- currently pop-up books and shadowbox diaramas. We want each child to have a repertoire of cool ways to share their thinking and tell their stories.

Playground Water

We have a lovely lake of mud in the playground, and lots of kids who wonder why they can’t play in it.  The reason is that most kids don’t have a backup plan- if they get wet and muddy they will be that way all day.  It’s not so easy to learn when you are uncomfortable. 

Thanks!  Kristin

Kristin’s Class Homework

March 29, 2016   You know what to do!  Choose a few ideas to try at home.  Be ready for homework sharing and a spelling test on Friday. 


Spelling Words
























Homework Ideas


*Have a five senses meal.


*Practice spelling with your five senses.  Use scented markers.  Write the letters in sugar or flour, or make sandpaper letters.  Spell out loud in whisper, opera, and silly voices.  Nibble a sandwich or graham crackers into letter shapes.


*Read for pleasure and practice.  Don’t forget RAZ kids!


*Practice your math facts!


*Do your own thing.


*Make a project at home. 


*Eat a favorite food.  Make a list of adjectives about your food. 


*Notice different textures around your house.  Try making some rubbings with crayons and paper.


*Play outside!