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3/10/2014 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, March 10, 2014 9:25 AM

Dear Families,

Bartonville is on its way!  Last week our young city planners tackled the question “what does a city need?” The result of our thinking is coming into shape as Bartonville.  This week, students will continue to add detail to their buildings and to the city itself.  We will also learn about the way cities are organized so that we can find our way around.  We will be writing friendly letters and learning to address envelopes.

Math Fact Homework

Last week, we experimented with some daily fact-family homework.  This week you will get four days’ of math-fact homework on Monday.  We hope that you can pace your days to allow for a little practice every day.  On Friday, we sent a survey asking for your feedback about the homework. Please feel free to add your comments on the back of your sheet, or send them via email.  At the end of the week, when the surveys are in and tabulated, we’ll decide whether to continue the math fact homework.

The City Tour

We’ve rescheduled on last time, and this time we’ve ordered the bus.  We’re hoping that by waiting until the end of the month, we’ll have some lamb-like weather for sure.  Look for a permission slip for the City Tour on March 25.  We’ll have a bus for a whole day, and visit many of the places we’ve learned about this year.

Handwriting Books

Our Handwriting lessons in class are complete, so we sent the books home.  Your child might find some pages that need some work!  Thank you for supporting HWT at Barton.  Handwriting practice helps us get our thoughts on paper with more confidence.  


Many of you have given positive feedback about our student teacher, Zoey Bros.  Her lessons are well-crafted and her connection with each child is kind and caring. Although it seems like she just got here, Zoey is entering the home stretch of her 12 weeks of student teaching.  We will continue to co-teach next week, and then Zoey will take over as lead teacher from March 17-28.  I will be in the classroom to be her extra pair of hands, give her feedback and encouragement, and work one-on-one with students.  I know you all wish Zoey well as she embarks on this new chapter!  You will hear from her in the next two newsletters.   Thanks!  Kristin

Spelling Words





















Homework Ideas

*Figure out which spelling words have an abbreviation and write them down.

*Write a letter to a friend or family member and send it.

*Fill out your homework survey.

*Walk the neighborhood and notice the addresses on each house. What do you notice about the numbers?

*Play odd and even with cards (directions attached)

*Math Fact sheets- pace yourself.  This week we are sending all of the sheets on Monday, only one side each day.  

*Learn your address and practice writing it on an envelope.

*Read for pleasure and practice!

*Do your own thing!

*Play outside in the sticky snow. It’s great for building a model town!