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3/14/15 Newsletter & Homework
Tuesday, March 15, 2016 3:55 PM

Dear Families,

The Science Museum residency has ended and we all learned a lot about technology, engineering, working together, and using a process to test theories and solve problems.  It was great to have a change in the routine for a while, and it will be nice to get back to our regular thing, too.  We will have work samples on display after the Shape Up Show (7:45 a.m. Thursday, March 24)

This Week

We return to our routine of math camps and reading camps on Tuesday and Wednesday.  In math camp students will be working with all kinds of measurement.  They have choices of many game-like activities that will help them reach the same goal. Our reading camps are both doing author studies. The Mem Fox group is working on breaking words into manageable chunks, and using books with patterns to help us decode.  The Patricia Polacco group is reading for a different purpose.  They are looking for clues about the author’s life embedded in each story, finding “juicy” words, and making personal connections to the stories.

Illness and Injury

We will be reading and writing about being hurt and being sick.  Students always have so much to say about this topic! 

Kristin in Massachusetts

There will be a guest teacher (Karen Savage) in 102 on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week.  I will be in Greenfield, MA at the Responsive Classroom headquarters getting some advanced training. It’s hard to go away, but Karen will take great care of the kids, and I know everyone will work hard and learn all they can while I am gone. 

Performance Black

It’s time to gather up some wardrobe items for the Shape Up Show!  We want everyone to wear black pants and a black shirt. If you have some black tops or bottoms to lend, please let me know!

Student Author Night

So far I have only heard from 1 student author!  Let me know if your child would like to read a little something at SAN.  It could be the animal book from the fall, one of our poems, or something new.  Think about it!

Calling for Used K-8 Books!

It feels great to purge!  Donate your outgrown books to the Book Fair!  We have a box in the hall for your donations.

Thanks, Kristin

Kristin’s Class Homework

March 14, 2016   You know what to do!  Be ready for homework sharing and a spelling test on Friday.


Spelling Words

























Homework Ideas

*Find some books for the used bookfair!


*Make your own dance using “Shape Up” moves.  Don’t forget to count to 16!


*Chart the high and low temperature every day. 


*Do your math packet.


*Make a list of ways to stay healthy. 


*Write an accumulating poem about being sick or hurt.  Use your spelling list to help you.


*Practice some first aid at home.  Do you know how to wash a wound and put on a bandaid?


*Play outside as much as you can!


*Read for pleasure and practice


*Do your own thing.


*Write a thank you note for Karen.