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3/27/2017 Newsletter & Homework

Kristin’s and Dawn’s Class


Clara Barton Open School

March 27, 2017

Dear Families,

Four days until Spring Break!!!

(Woot, woot!) We are wishing you

rest, renewal, excitement, or

whatever you need from this time off.

Until 2:00 on Thursday, we will be

working hard to bring our unit of

study, A World of Beauty to an

artful conclusion.

Works of Art

Over the course of the past 9

weeks, we asked ourselves:

*What is art?

*How do people around the world

express themselves through art?

*How does art help us learn?

We looked at lots of art and

tried many artforms- octagon weaving,

cardboard loom weaving, painting,

drawing, collage, poetry, sewing, batik,

paper mache, murals, singing, acting,

dancing. We used many toolsneedles,

looms, watercolor, tempera

and acrylic paint, chalk, craypas, glue,

paper, glue, paper mache. We thought

about our ancestors and looked at art

from around the world.

Thursday March 30

On Thursday, from 7:45-8:45

you will have a chance to see some of

the art we’ve made. Both classes are

working hard on their plays and they

will be ready to present on Thursday

Morning, in the commons. After, you

are invited to the classrooms to see

some more art and have a little

after-the-show reception. Let Amy,

Kate, or Amanda, our parent reps,

know if you can contribute some food

for the reception. In the afternoon,

we’ll celebrate our learning with an

“arty party” and would like an easy

treat for that time too. (Fruity


Camping Trip

Our survey last week showed

that our camping trip was

well-supported but the families in 102

and 104, so we are proceeding with

the planning. You can expect more

paperwork to fill out after Spring


Working on Ourselves

Working on art together has

given us lots of time to think about

our creative selves and who we want

to be as friends and learners. Recess

continues to be tricky for a few kids.

After the break, we plan to “reboot”

recess and model all the ways to have

fun and be a good friend at recess.

1st and 2nd graders need lots of

loving guidance from parents and

teachers to help them navigate social

and emotional learning. On this topic,

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel said,

“Let them remember that there

is meaning beyond absurdity. let them

be sure that every little deed counts,

that every word has power, and that

we can-everyone- do our share to

redeem the world in spite of all the

absurdities and all frustrations and all

disappointments. And about all,

remember that the meaning of life is

to build a life as if it were a work of


Thanks and happy Spring Break,

Kristin and Dawn

Dawn and Kristin’s Class


You know what to do!

Choose a few homework ideas to

try. There will be no spelling test

this week.

Homework Ideas

*Get your “costume” clothing

ready. In Dawn’s class,

everyone has a special color

to wear. In Kristin’s class,

soldiers should bring

pajamas, and townspeople

should be creative.

*We need lots of magazines

for collage making. Collect

some in your neighborhood

and bring them to school.

*Invite family and friends to

our plays on Thursday,

March 30, from 7:45-8:45.

*If you signed up for extra

math practice, do it! We are

only sending enough for a

page a day this week- if you

want more for Spring Break,

check out opportunities on

the internet. There is lots

of math practice available


*Do your own thing.

*Settle into reading. Read

for pleasure and practice.

Try Raz kids if you want to.

Your password is your lunch


*Sell plants! Our school

depends on fundraising

dollars for lots of “extras,”

like materials and supplies,

extra helpers, and field-trip


*We are seeing signs of

Spring every day! Play

outside and enjoy the

beautiful weather.

*Make some art. Think

about backyard sculptures

with rocks, mud and twigs.

Take a picture and email it.

*Write a story from your

imagination. Look around

your neighborhood for