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3/2/2015 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, March 2, 2015 7:20 AM

Dear Families,


We had a joyful, peaceful week making art in the style of some famous European artists.  I love this time of year- we are really able to settle in and work hard.  It is intensely rewarding to see such young children become responsibly independent and enjoy their learning!   


This Week

We “travel” to Asia!  I get to show off my origami skills, and hopefully pass them along.  Origami is hands-on geometry and algebra- truly math and art at the same time.  We will look at Hmong story cloths from Southeast Asia, and read some stories from China and Japan.  


The Quiltmaker’s Gift

This week we will read through our play and choose our parts.  Here’s the process.  For the main roles, (old lady, king, narrators) I will ask for volunteers, and then put names into a hat and draw one out.  The narrators  need to be fluent, confident readers- all other parts will be memorized.  Most of the parts are done in a group, so even our shy students will feel comfortable participating.  


Paper Mache Globes

We are hoping to start our paper mache globes on Tuesday.  Send your child in clothes that can get messy or send an apron or big shirt.  The kids have already started to cut out their continent shapes, and are very excited about the process.  

If you would like to help by mixing up a batch of paper mache at home, please let me know and I’ll send the recipe.

New Faces

Many of you have met Nils and Eileen, but haven’t met Brittany, a new member of our teaching team, who will be working with small groups in 102.  We will also meet Brent Cox this week.  Brent is a teaching candidate from Augsburg, and will be seeing how he likes room 102 on Monday.  If everything works out, Brent will be our student teacher until April 17!  Welcome Brent!



Thanks to the 102 families who are sponsoring Barton FUNdraisers!  There are lots of cool ones.  At our council meeting last Thursday, it was mentioned that of the $10,000 worth of possible tickets to be sold, the total sold so far is under $4000.  Our fundraising pays for essential programs in the school.  If you have been thinking of joining one of the parties, now is the time!  Parents often ask how they can support our class - FUNdraisers are one good way!

Thanks, Kristin


Spelling Words
























Homework Ideas

*Study a map or globe and find out how many countries are in Asia.


*Try some origami.  There is a lot of good help on the internet.


*Try eating with chopsticks.


*Eat some Asian food that you make at home or find at a restaurant.  Find the country it comes from on a map or globe.


*Practice your spelling words with a new medium.  Shape them in clay or playdoh, paint them, use chalk or cray-pas.


*Study the 100 heart word list in your BEE book.  Get ready for our heart word spelling be in a couple weeks.


*Continue to make art.  Hang it at home or bring it to school to share.


* Bring a “just right” book home to read every day- record your practice on your reading log.


*Do your own thing!