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3/3/2014 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, March 3, 2014 9:00 AM

Dear Families,

We have made great strides as city planners this week!  Each student has a building to design and construct.  It was fun to see siding, shingles, bricks and stucco appear on our structures.  Next week I bet we’ll have roofs, windows, chimneys, awnings, porticos and cupulas.  The question “what does a city need?” is an interesting one, and the ideas are still coming.  

Places We Go Project

We would love to have your “places we go” pictures in on Tuesday, March 4.  As you travel around the city, take a picture of your child in a place that you like to visit.  It could be a famous place like the Mall of America, or a personal place like your favorite grocery store.  Add a sentence or two of description.  Emailing the photo and description is fine. We will use the photos to create a giant class brochure. Each student will also be creating a personal brochure about the histories of their lives, later in March.

Math Fact Practice

Dawn and I have asked the third grade teachers about how best to prepare students for the work ahead.  The number one answer?  Fluency with math facts.  In first and second grade, we visualize what is happening with numbers when we add and subtract. Kids learn to add by all of the numbers in two piles.  Then, they learn to start with the biggest number and count on the second number.  Finally, they internalize the combinations that make new numbers- also known as “math facts.”  If kids are stuck in the counting stage, it is much harder to work with more complex numbers and problems.  So- not to create a panic, but to be helpful, we’re going to send some daily practice with math facts in your BEE Books as “have-to” homework.  If you don’t want it or object to this kind of homework, let me know and I won’t send it- no judgment.   I’m hoping that some daily practice with numbers can ease anxiety and help your child feel more confident.


Thanks to Kelly Chapin, Sheila Eldred, Marnie Peichel, and Amanda Fuller, our camp volunteers.  We had lots of fun and got wonderful practice.  Round 2 begins next week.