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3/4/2013 Newsletter
Monday, March 4, 2013 10:30 AM

Dear Families,
I was just saying that I think it’s almost spring- but didn’t they predict 10 of snow by Tuesday?  It’s nice to have a good old-fashioned Minnesota winter again.  Well, just keep sending those boots and snowpants, and I’ll keep getting your kids to put them on for recess!  

This Week

We’ll be getting messy off and on all week.  We are going to make paper mache globes and paint our stage sets for the big play.  It’s a good time for old clothes, or to send along a paint shirt.  Nothing we use should stain, but you never know!  

We’ll be reading some South American folktales this week, while predicting the outcomes and finding the main ideas.  In math the second graders will do some adding and subtracting with big numbers and the first graders will work on story problems.


Last week we did lots of measuring and sewing.  Each student sewed his or her own 4-patch block that will become a big quilt.  Everyone measured their seam allowances and made a nice pattern of stitches.  It will be fun to do some predicting about how many squares there will be in all.

Math Choices

In the morning students were able to choose a meaningful math activity.  Some played chess, some played set, many made origami cranes and lots did number scrolls and extreme dot to dot puzzles.  We will keep adding to our math choices.  The students are appreciating the chance to make their own learning decisions, and getting lots of good practice, too.  


This week our school starts working out together for PALA.
Each child spends 30 minutes per day with activity makes the heartrate rise.  Keep track on the sheet in your BEE book.  Send it back for a certificate and prizes!


Next week Adam takes over full time, with my assistance and feedback.  Adam has been a thoughtful and enthusiastic teacher partner, and can he play the guitar!  The next letter will be from him!  Best wishes to Adam as he reaches this important milestone!