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3/6/16 Newsletter & Homework
Sunday, March 6, 2016 8:20 PM

Dear Families,

The end of March is creeping up!  We have three weeks to prepare for the culminating event, our “Shape Up Show” and Spring Break!  (woo hoo!)  We’ll have the Shape Up Show on Thursday, March 24, at 7:45.  The show itself lasts less that 15 minutes- you are invited to room 102 afterward to congratulate the students and check out more work about the human body and how it works. 

We need someone to film the performance and upload it on to the Barton YouTube channel for posterity, and for families who can’t make it to the show.

We also need treats for our after party- green-light foods, (fruit and veggies) are best of course, but we are open to others if they don’t contain nuts or sesame.  Please let Jerri Clark Wagner, our room rep, know if you can help with either of these requests.

Student Author Night

Wednesday, March 23, from 6-7 Barton is hosting the annual Student Author Night.  This is an opportunity for interested students to read an original piece of writing to an audience of students and parents.  Organizers create mixed groups of writers who share their work and then get questions and comments from the audience.  Students can write something new, or choose something from their portfolios to read.  To sign up, send me an email, or sign up on the list outside the door of 102.

Used Book Fair

Do you have K-8 books to pass on?  Bring them to school (starting now) and donate them to the famous Barton Book Bazaar!  The event takes place during school on March 22-24, and will be open during Student Author Night. 

Engineering in Education

We very much enjoyed the first week of our Science Museum residency.  This week we will have four more mornings of asking questions, making theories and solving problems.  Thanks for getting your kids to school on time!

Missy is Back

Missy will be full time this week, on break the next, and back full time for the week before break.   Thanks,   Kristin

Kristin’s Class Homework

March 7, 2016   You know what to do!  Choose a few homework ideas, and be ready to share your learning and take a spelling test on Friday.


Spelling Words

























Homework Ideas


*Talk about mood and feelings at home.  How da you handle your uncomfortable feelings?


*Write your spelling words in zone colors.  For example, “excited” could be yellow.


*Make a feelings poster using your spelling words to get you started.  Add other feelings you think of.  Add drawings to show each feeling.


*Read for pleasure and practice.  Don’t forget RAZ kids is a wonderful resource for “just right” books. 


*Do the math packet!


*Practice the Shape Up Show at home.  How much can you remember?


*Play outside all you can.  Write the temperature down every day.  See how it changes.


*Do your own thing.