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3/9/2015 Newsletter and Homework
Monday, March 9, 2015 9:35 AM

Dear Families.

Today I walked the dogs without a hat on!  It was 40 degrees!  I hear that it will get to 60 degrees this week!  So naturally, it will be muddy and goopy outside.  If you have those cool rain boots to send with your child, now is the time.  A change of shoes and socks in the backpack might be a good idea too.  Recess is going to be great, but messy.

Last Week

We “traveled” to Asia, and the trip was way too short.  We’ll continue to work on origami cranes when we can- it’s the rare “Kristin’s Student” who leaves 102 without learning the crane.  Amanda will be pressed into service in the mornings.  We examined authentic Hmong story cloths made really beautiful paper versions with mathematical as well as artistic learning goals.  Math is everywhere!

We also started our paper mache globes.  Each student got to get sticky, and do their own paper mache work.  

This week

It’s off to South America, and it will go too fast!  In math, we’ll be concentrating on place value, and use pinto beans to make ones, tens, hundreds and thousands.  Mural painting is popular in South America, and we’ll paint a beautiful one that will act as a backdrop for our play.

Quiltmaker’s Gift

Parts have been assigned and we’ve had a couple successful read-throughs of our play!   I’m very impressed with the level of focus, and the spirit the students are putting into their acting.  I’ll send a costume/prop list home soon, and hope that you all can help with some of the items.

Sick Kids

We have had lots of sick kids in the last week or so.  One was officially diagnosed with influenza and pneumonia.  If your child has a fever and a cough, be careful.  If you see no energy/appetite it’s best to see a doctor.  The news reported that flu season isn’t over yet. Please report illnesses to me and to the health office, so that we can pass useful info to our families.

Welcome Brent Cox!

Our new student teacher Brent Cox is making a big difference already!  It is lovely to have a teaching partner again, and Brent is great with the kids.  He has already taken over a reading group, led morning meeting activities and more.  

What a gift!

Thanks,    Kristin

Spelling words-




















South America

Homework choices:

*Practice some origami!  There are some great directions on

*Make heart word flash cards and practice for our upcoming spelling.  Use heart word list in your bee book.

*Find a map and count the countries in South America.

*Eat some South American food from a restaurant or make it at home.

*Practice your spelling words with beans or other dried legumes (very popular in South America!)

*Play BAM with beans and Dixie cups. (directions coming.)

*Take a drive and see some murals around town.

*Read for practice and pleasure!  Keep track with your reading log.  Take “just right” books home from school.  

*Do your own thing.